Enclosure: Infinite Hues Is A Delightful Puzzle For Your Browser

Enclosure: Infinite Hues instils peace. If petting a cat is enough to lower one's blood pressure (which it is), then surely this browser-based game can do the same.

You are tasked with converging streams of colour to one point, manipulating their flow through a 5 by 7 grid. Hold a tile down and it will grab passing streams, churning them in a clockwise direction until you let go; essentially, tiles work as centrifuges (though only when you want them to).

Enclosure: Infinite Hues was designed by Jay Gavarra and programmed by Kristrian Mitra, with art provided by Mike Atienza.


    Great game. It's a bit short but very impressive for a game made in such a short time.

    I hope the developers expand on this game with more levels and different backgrounds and music and publish the game on IOS and steam.

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