Far Cry 3 Trailer Features Bros, Shots!Shots!Shots!

The latest instalment of Ubisoft's open-world FPS series comes into focus in this new trailer, where we see that it's never a good idea to get blackout drunk on an uncharted island. You'll watch regular guy Jason Brody — bro is even part of his name! — just trying to get away from civilisation for a few relaxing days with his girlfriend.

They got further away than they ever bargained, it seems. Far Cry 3 will hit PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 7 of this year.


    Really looking forward to this. The E3 footage had me pumped. Shame it's so damn far away though ><

      Cool trailer, but if it's anything like FC2 then i really don't care.

      Also being Ubisoft, it's going to be a bitch to get running on my pc, because i can't remember crap about my ubi account or whatever.

    FC2 was alright but I couldn't get past the point of slaughtering all those Africans, kinda felt like the player shouldn't have been in the middle of a civil war and killing just for killing sake.
    My fiancee was born in Kenya and still has a soft spot for Africa so yea I'm biased.

    But this looks good, I really like the idea of survival in a land where people really do feel like bad guys, there is a point in the violence.

    Looks cool, seems like these days a lot of trailers are using dubstep soundtracks though.

    Trailer looks epic but here's hoping that the game isn't that piece of crap known as Far Drive 2 :P

    Well this was a great trailer, until the dupstep raped me.

      lol music elitism

        It isn't that the dubstep is necessarily bad, it just didn't work for the trailer at all. (or the 15 second teaser trailer that was up last night)

        It just seems that they added it for the sake of having dubstep in their trailer

          Just like every other mainstream song on radio right now. I'm the type that cannot wait for this fad to blow over! Very little dubstep & drum and bass is tolerable, but most is repetitive rubbish.

          Any hear the COD flash-bang noise at the end? And before someone jumps in, I'm aware COD aren't the first to use that noise, but it's literally identical

          I think I like the hand held look after being pleasantly surprised after watching Chronicle. But it's just a trailer and probably an opening cinematic.

    Wow!!! I didn't get into Far Cry 2 at all but this looks great.


    I have to finish it, constant hard-drive failures keep killing my save games. Sigh.

      probably not a neccessity mate. FC2 had nothing to do with FC1, and I doubt they'll be any correlation here either.

      The only continuing theme in the Far Cry "series" seems to be a story about one man fighting an army of ill-trained pirates, mercenaries or militia lead by various psycopaths, in a savage, open-world environment.

    Well... that'll sober you up pretty quickly.

    Just to clarify though, he ditched the girl and legged it straight for the boat?

    Woah awesome trailer...except for the dubstep...so pumped!!!

    Eh, how about some gameplay footage?


    Released on the 6th of Sep for all platforms my arse. this is fucking ubisoft we all know those pricks will change the PC release to be a minimum of 2 months behind the console release while nothing is done to actually improve the game.

    Nice... Looking forward to this one! Hopefully it won't be like 2... That game left a lot to be desired.

    On the bright side of the release date... Just in time for my new monster rig I'm planning to build! :)

    That is definatly the chick out of uncharted

    I hope the graphics are nearly as good as on that video, long shot hope but oh well. I'm fairly sure the people who made this video were trying to sample dubstep as their background music.

    To me the whole dubstep thing made sense in the trailer for Syndicate. Here? Not so much...

    As for the game, I really liked Far Cry 2 despite its odd design choices and I'm looking forward to this one even though I'm not sure if it's being made by the same team or not *mental note: look that up when you're not apparently feeling so lazy*

    This trailer does kinda make me wonder about the player character though. I liked that in FC2 you could choose which 'mercenary' you played as. It didn't change much in game, but it did make my FC2 game feel different from my brother's FC2 game. If this is the opening cinematic, I wonder if we're going to be this specific 'everyman' dude, or if we'll have some kind of choice in the matter as in the previous game.

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