Looks Like A New Far Cry Will Be Announced Tomorrow

In what might be the most revealing teaser in gaming hype history, Ubisoft has just tossed up a trailer that spoils the end of Far Cry 5 (guess I should have finished that by now) and hypes a new Far Cry something or other coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“None of us were ready for the end,” the trailer’s narrator says, before talking about the aftermath of a disaster that stretched on for years and led to “a new world in bloom.”

It appears that the fictional Montana region of Hope County from Far Cry 5 has been obliterated by a nuke (those on staff who finished the game say that is how it ended) and that some period of devastation and recovery follows.

At the end of the clip we see a character lifting some sort of makeshift buzzsaw-crossbow combination.

The YouTube version of the trailer hypes tomorrow’s The Game Awards show, which starts at 1130 AEDT, for more of the reveal. The version of the clip that Ubisoft posted on Twitter shows that the new Far Cry release will be offered on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Ubisoft doesn’t quite treat Far Cry like an annualized franchise, but it has for years alternated between big releases and slightly smaller spin-off projects. The tropical Far Cry 3 in 2012 was followed in 2013 by the lengthy futuristic standalone game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The Himalayan Far Cry 4 in 2014, with its own series of expansions was followed by the smaller, expansion-free 2016 caveman game Far Cry Primal.

It now appears that the American-set Far Cry 5, which finished its triple-pack of expansions several months ago, may have its own in-between successor as well, with the twist that this time we might be getting a game that also functions as sequel.

We’ll know more tomorrow and will have coverage of this and other Game Awards reveals as they come.


    Is it Farcry 6: sorry we fucked up farcry 5, this ones free

      I wouldn't say they fucked 5, it just wasn't memorable and in a year with trash flying left right and centre; maybe it should get a pass for at least not being a dpster fire of controversy.

      this is the first bad take I've read, what was fucked about it?

        My guess would be end boss blue balls.

        Overwhelmingly disappointing, levelling mechanics were changed badly, character designs were.....average at best.
        World itself fucking ruled, though it could have used some finetuning.

        Not really fucked, I'd say just aggressively mediocre haha

    I'm.... oddly ok with this for once if this is the setting theyre going with????

      i think we are getting another blood dragon type game and im ok with that

        Blood Dragon was the last FarCry i had any interest in, so I'm cool with this.

    This seems to be pretty much what I was hoping would happen. Sooner than expected!

    I can't remember the last ubisoft game i cared about. They're just time sinks designed down to the lowest denominator.

      That's MEEEEE! :D

        And I didn't even have to tag you! :P

        Last edited 06/12/18 2:01 pm

        For the record though, i actually meant everyone BUT you. You're ok. :)

    Honestly, if it does turn out to be a reasonably priced sequel to 5, I'll be interested. Just give me the classic levelling over the shitty challenge based one 5 had.

    Thoroughly enjoyed FC5, except for that last 10mins and ultimate ending. A bit p*ssed I will probably have to pay for this after the lacklustre season pass content.

    Guessing silver bars will still be around, apocalypse or not....

    Reserving judgement for now. Could this be a Ubi entry in the Battle Royale genre?

    Far Cry: we're not going to kidnap your character while you're halfway through lobbing a shovel at some bad guy's head and you were preparing to loot a prepper stash?

      The first time that happened, it played out exactly as Ubi probably intended: I was alerted that kidnappers were on their way, I found a defensive position and fought them off for several minutes, racking up a truly impressive casualty count, until they eventually flanked, surrounded, and someone mentioned poisoning weapons for knock-out, I took a hit, I went down.

      The next thirty times I got knocked out, I was alternately chilling in a base, flying in a helicopter, navigating a grappling hook puzzle for stash or similar, just randomly passing out and getting picked up by captors.

      It felt cheap, and unearned. Though it can probably be explained away as part of the whole mind-control trip – sure, ‘Only You’ wasn’t playing, but who knows what other triggers they had.

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