FFXIII-2 DLC Lets Players Fight With And Against Lightning

FFXIII-2 DLC Lets Players Fight With And Against Lightning

Today’s the day for Final Fantasy XIII-2 fans to start throwing down in the Coliseum. As we reported last week, the “Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar” DLC is now available for download both on XBox Live and PlayStation Network.

Coliseum fights allow FFXIII-2 players to fight creatures from past Final Fantasy games and, once defeated, the characters can join the player’s party. Scroll down for a sampling of screenshots from both Lightning’s and Amodar’s fights.


  • ” once defeated, the characters can join the player’s party. ”

    Does that mean that Lightning can join the party and prematurely end the story? 😛

  • Remember Kingdom Hearts?
    They had the same coliseum concept and it was loads of fun fighting hidden super bosses… only thing was, it was free…

  • Much like the Omega preorder DLC this looks like another fight I’ll have to leave to closer to end game… I’m not at 7K health yet!

  • A week after release… This was clearly planned beforehand. I like how there appears to be plot explaining why you’re fighting them, but I’m so pissed off after seeing the ending of FFXIII-2 that I don’t even care anymore.

    Wait til you finish the game, and then you can truly start to complain about DLC. It’s missing the final freaking chapter.

  • Well that’s pathetic. Developers should NEVER keep content out of a game and release it as DLC. It’s like buying a car without friggin windscreen wipers. What a disgusting use of DLC.

    • Square Enix releases DLC allowing a boss fight with original Lightning, beating her and Amodar (a completely original fight) allows you to use FF13 Lightning in your party.

      How is this disgusting use of DLC? What would you have preferred? More outfits? More creatures? There is not a single thing Square Enix, nay, any developer can add to a game without being met with “hurr durr, you’re pathetic and it should have been in the game to begin with.”

      If you ask me mate, THAT’s pathetic. Especially since that version of Lightning doesn’t actually belong there and that Amodar is completely original content.

      • correction- beating her and Amodar gives you a small percent chance to turn them to crystal to join your party.

        you’d still have to log perhaps 10 ~ 20 fights and have a bit of luck to crystalise them tho.

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