The Story And Creature-Collecting Goodness Continue In Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

Along with the announcement that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now available for purchase and play, Square Enix laid out plans to supplement the game with downloadable episodes and coliseum battles that could bring classic Final Fantasy foes into your party.

You should all be pretty much done with Final Fantasy XIII-2 by February 7, right? That's when Square Enix is dropping the first dose of DLC for the game, the "Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar" Coliseum battle. Coliseum battles will give players the ability to test their might against creatures from Final Fantasies past. Defeat them soundly enough and their souls we be yours to level and add to your adventuring party.

Future downloadable content will see the game's branching storyline get even branchier, with episodes that "enhance the experience and complement the narrative", exploring different paths for some of the game's key characters.

Sounds like the adventuring is just beginning for Final Fantasy XIII-2 players. Thank goodness. That big old empty coliseum was bugging the hell out of me.


    If you are going to copy paste articles from the US could you at least modify them for the Aus point of view/game release dates. Game is not available yet here..

      You're asking for too much. Baby-steps first.

      I agree, i thought the street date was broken, i was excited for a few mins :\

    Got mine at NeoTokye today :P
    Feels good man!

    Playstation news with Xbox screenshots... makes sense.

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