First PlayStation Vita Ad Says 'Never Stop Playing'

Here's Sony's first video advertisement for the powerful PlayStation Vita, an ad that the publisher says will be plastered on Fox, Comedy Central, and ESPN (among other networks) in the near future.

The tagline? "Never Stop Playing." You probably should stop playing at some point, though. To eat. And sleep. And read Kotaku.


    I can feel a lawsuit coming on when the first kid drops dead from not eating or sleeping LOL.

    Well of course they're gonna say that: if you stopped playing they wouldnt be making anymore money off you

    but... but... i wouldn't get 2-3 hours away from a wall with a powerpoint if i never stopped playing...

      Yes you will, because it has 4hrs of battery.

    reminds me of the Double Life campaign, pretty sweet ad.

    I would if the Vita was any good. Underperforming console with an AWFUL lay-out. I die a little inside every day I come to work and get told "New vita build, you're testing it for the whole of today"

    "Never stop playing"... until the battery dies out

    What a ridiculous tagline.

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