Hazy Gaming Dreams By Jean-Yves Lemoigne

French gaming lifestyle magazine Amusement is known for pushing boundaries and adopting an unconventional approach to game coverage. It is like the Vogue of the games media world. So it is of little surprise that this awesome series of photographs by Jean-Yves Lemoigne appeared on the magazine's website.

The gallery is described as such:

Addictive games and fantasy-inspiring sessions often lead to a hazy dream-state. Jean-Yves Lemoigne knows this too well: for AMUSEMENT, the French photographer captured gamers that are keen to believe that their LCD screen is a door, if not to heaven, at least to eternity.



    Well for many gamers that hazy dream state comes from another source...

      Their Dad's sanding plaster board in their room, right?

      Man, I've been there.

        I think there's been a misunderstanding here; Todd was talking about the ethereal voice of Edith Piaf.

        Not even the fire marshal could break my run of Desert Bus.

    I wish there were still heaps of arcades around like in the 1st pic.
    4th looks my bedroom!

      The lahdee in red or the one with Yoda scaling the office chair?

    smokey room playing xbox.. that's like me every Fri nite :)... just need some munchies.

    Not completely convinced the lady in red is looking at the DS, but otherwise some interesting photography.

      She is looking *beyond* the DS.

        It could be a 3ds. Its like she's really in the game... or the games really in the room.


      I suspect the young lady to be - only momentarily - considering a brisk call to her local fire authority on the matter of the smoke situation, and its very real possibility as something of a "growing concern".

      The red dress, the thousand-yard stare, the sociopathic grin exclusive to death-row detainees: these the calling cards of a calculating pyromaniac; or maybe this is all just the desperate last throw of the dice of dope fiend on a bad trip to nowhere.

    That's looks like something I would do; house is on fire, but I gotta get to that save point before I can evacuate.

    The first photo is pretty much how some arcades are in japan. That's if you go to the 3 or 4th floor with the fighting/retro/card game machines.

    So many people smoking...

      It's certainly not a far cry.
      Reminded me more of a pachinko parlor truth be told.

    The arcades used to be like that (filled with cigarette smoke)

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