Watch Three Men Play The Worst Games Ever Made For A Good Cause

Last year three bold men set off on a mission to play the worst games ever made for a good cause — raising money to aid those in need in West Africa. Kotaku readers may recognise these awesome human being as Klutar, Puppylick and DanMazkin. They are beautiful men, and they deserve your full support.

Last year these three brave human beings smashed their $2000 target and raised a whopping $5500 dollars, and this year they hope to raise even more. So from 10am on Saturday September 22, until 10am the next day, these brave warrior will sit on a couch, controller in hand, and endure the very worst that video games have to offer, livestreamed for your entertainment. Good luck guys. You will absolutely need it.

Head to the Lame Game Marathon website for more information, or catch up with the guys on Twitter and Facebook.

Donations can be made here.

Also — for your amusement — here are some pics of the three men you'll be watching. This is just a taste of the frustration they'll have to endure.

Love your work guys, and everyone at Kotaku Australia wishes you the best of luck.


    I look forward to the atrocious digital entertainment you guys find. Last year was amazing, so look forward to your agony once again. PS someone tell me what your cafinated beverage of choice is. lol

      Last year was a mix of coffee, Mother, and Red Bull.
      Not all at once, but hey, I'd give it a shot.

    Huge effort guys. List of games please?? I'm guessing the Dreamcast one is that 18 wheeler game.

      Actually I'm pretending to play Sonic Shuffle in that shot ;P

    My body is ready.

      You know, you should document the after affects of playing bad games 24 hours kinda like Mark's sleep experiment.

    What's with all the moustaches?

      Our focus groups had shown that people are 15% more likely to donate money to a man with facial hair. That figure increased to 17.5% if the facial hair was a curly moustache.

    Thanks for spreading the word Mark :D

    I had no idea about this, that's awesome! Nice stuff guys!

    On a side note though, the last pic is of a SNES controller, ergo it isn't possible for it to be a bad game.

    So there's a Dreamcast game, an Xbox 360 game and a SNES game.

    But which ones?

      Nah those are just our promo shots, we'll be doing reveals for the chosen platforms and games over the next couple of weeks at

      /shamelesspromotion ;P

        Is the roster locked or are you open to suggestions / donations?

          I want to see you play Chicken Shoot on the Wii.

          Go on. I dare you.

    my local gametraders (fountain gate) had a boxed copy of Superman 64, it might still be there O_o


    Looking forward to watching you guys slowly descend into insanity.

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