It's The Last Chance Saloon For Joy Division

This background art is from SNK's Fatal Fury 3. Drink it in. It's glorious, no? Then, when you're done, take a closer look at the full image below (click to embiggen), and read some of the stuff written on the buildings.

[via SpecSNK]

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    Haha nice.
    I recently saw an SNK fighter background that mentioned MegaMan as well.

    Doth thou wish to "embiggen" one's explanation and inquiry of this curious investigation topic?

    I suspect this isn't a "Total" Recall; I mean, a fleeting memory perchance!

    No. Stop. I'm just playing games, Mr. Plunkett!! Nothing more. Well done.

    The "Joy Division" is written there and I'll take from that what I will. Consider me informed.

    Good day.

      Are you having a stroke?

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