Looks Like The Persona Fighting Game Is Coming To The West

Earlier today, Atlus teased an announcement for it loyal fans in North America by sending an image of a giant black rectangle. A little PhotoShop work reveals that image to be a teaser for what looks like Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena.

Or, as most people call it, The Persona 2D Fighting Game.

First announced last year, we got to take a look at the game during 2011's Tokyo Game Show.


    I'm really looking forward to this... :)

      I have loved the Guilty Gear games and the spiritual sucessor BlazBlue. I love Persona. The day this game was announced a Persona 4 fighter made by Arc System Works..... mind.was.blown.

    Never played Persona but the design of the games always fascinated me, I'm keen to get into this.

    Much as I'm loving the anime the lack of Personas (which do all the fighting in the anime) and characters in general (only 9 to pick from?) turns me off buying the game. I may have reconsidered if the main characters cheered from the background while their persona fought (pokemon trainer in smash bros) or stood beside their persona like in JoJo's Bizarre adventure games.

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