Prepare For A Bunch Of Mass Effect 3 Plastic To Invade Earth Soon

Commander Shepard's battle against the malevolent Reapers may be coming to an explosive end this year, but the associated Mass Effect plastic goodies have only begun to fight.

You can tell an intellectual property licence is popular when it's got items coming out from different companies and Mass Effect's got stuff coming from Dark Horse — who publish tie-in ME comics — and Diamond Select, the giant comics distributor that also offers geek-friendly toys. You'll see a silver Normandy variant, a Legion figure butt side up and much more in the pictures above from this year's Toy Fair.


    Where the REAL money is made!

    Reaper figure eh? I might have to look into that ;)

      Ah Yes!


      We have dismissed this claim.

    Shepard, Grunt, Tali and Thane have been lonely on my shelf. They need their crew mates.

    Why does Miranda looking nothing like Miranda?

    It'd be awesome if we could send in a picture of our Shepard and they could remodel the face. Of course that would be a lot more expensive but hell I'd do it.

    Biggest problem with action figures - faces! They seldom get them right. =(

    those look like shit. wait for square enix's play arts kai - garrus looks badass!

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite store.


    Their faces are nothing like the characters.... FAIL.

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