Prototype 2's PC Version Has Been...

Take a guess at what has been done to Prototype 2's PC beta...

a) Enhanced with bonus features

b) Remastered from the ground up to take advantage of the platform's strengths

c) Delayed until July 24

— -



    Here I was thinking it had been eaten by a giant space goat.

    Lol i though it had all of thos and then I Lol'd

      I was also expecting "All of the Above" then I laughed.

      Nope! Just Delayed!

    probably have to work in the DRM more like it.

      Publisher logic: If you can't fit SecuROM, Uplay, Games For Windows - LIVE, Steam AND Starforce copy protection into the PC version, delay it until you can.

    Blah, it's really going to suck in several years time when we can't play any of our games because they used DRM from dead companies. Guess have to hit up TPB then...unless they finally embrace DRM free.

    Heh, that's how you fix a one sentence article!

    Not sarcastic, actually.

    Prototype would be enhanced greatly if they used the PC power to its full potential. The original was really poor graphically, especially the textures and jaggies. If they added high res textures and threw a tonne of AA at it, 1080p @ 60FPS.. could be a looker!

    The second I hear that the PC version of game X has been delayed, straight away what comes to mind is "so we can get as many sales on consoles as possible before those thieving bastards pirate it to hell on the PC". Seems like a tactic to make the people who really want to play it, to buy it on console. Sort of ignoring the fact that any high profile game is nearly always out weeks before the PC version can even be unlocked for crackers to do their thing

      Prototype's PC beta has been delayed.

      No sales involved, silly.

    Well as long as they don't pull a Rocksteady it should be okay.

    what... no "d) All of the above." ?

    Whole industry have this strange track of mind.

    Console sales are bad, port it to PC for extra bucks.
    PC sales are bad, PIRACY! Let's not ever release another PC game without stupid DRM.

    Do we really need another prototype? The first one was all kinds of shit..

    When developers start thinking financially instead of what their audience wants, thats when things go bad. So what, you'll get all of your Console sales plus alot of pc sales, plus with steam even though i might not want the game, ill probably pick it up when its on sale... Also if you want to lower piracy in Australia stop jacking up the price by $50

    i want to dislike this and that guy with te beard

    When a publisher decides to release a game more than a month early on a console before PC they should not expect to see a single cent of my money.

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