Rant: Mad As Hell, And They're Going To Take It

I swear, Battlefield fans have to be the unhappiest people on Earth.

They hate Modern Warfare. They hate Origin. They hate Electronic Arts and for all I can tell, they hate the game they play so much. It's a community that seems committed to proving itself to be the most knowledgeable, least appreciated, least understood and most pissed-off class of video gamer, an uber-treehouse among our treehouse culture.

This week Battlefieldo, described as "one of the larger Battlefield 3" communities, decided they'd had enough. Of what they have had enough, it's still not clear. It sounds like they resent a "lack of transparency and communication" between the game's developers, DICE and the community, like we're talking about representative government. Alright. This is blamed on Electronic Arts, as most things are.

Well, Battlefieldo will not be ignored! The community called for the Battlefield equivalent of a general strike. Usually a boycott is what gets attention, but when the product was sold more than four months ago, there's not a lot of damage you can do to the bottom line. Battlefieldo called for 24 hours of silence — no playing, no server activity, no social media mentions. That'll show 'em!

Naturally, they're claiming victory. They got EA/DICE to cough up patch notes, everyone! Patch notes "including bugfixes, tweaks and gameplay balancing changes." Oh, there's also going to be a weekly feature on the official Battlefield Blog called "Inside DICE".

There's a great deal of legitimate disenfranchisement felt in gaming, whether that is through DRM, obtuse, repeatedly revised EULAs and crap like SOPA and PIPA. The Battlefield blackout plainly sought to capture the net roots spirit that has shut down obnoxious legislation and shed light on abusive publisher practices. And yet they went pitchfork-and-torches upon DICE in order to get... patch notes and marketing copy? This is egregious self-parody even in a culture well-known for its disproportionate reactions.

If you want to talk about harm done to a video game community, Battlefield's can start by looking at itself. I have no desire to buy or play Battlefield 3 because its community seems to be staging a pageant to determine who can be the angriest hypercritical entitled ingrate in video gaming, which is saying a hell of a lot. Look at the reaction to the multiplayer beta. Look at the reaction to DICE's reaction. Read the comments any time anything is said about Origin or Modern Warfare 3.

Who the hell wants to be a part of that?


    Yeah, I think deliberately avoiding a great MP game because of what some idiots said on the internet is definitely taking the high ground. Now THAT'S a victory *rolls eyes*

    I love BF3, but it's the only game I have ever played that pisses me off so much compared to COD. It's no wonder you find so many players mad as hell.

    I too think this article is actually picking on the wrong community. The BF community has a legitimate angle here. I personally sunk over 1600 hours into BF2 and BC2 and you know how many I've played in BF3? 18. 18 whole hours. It was a disgrace to release this game as it was - and for me battlelog/origin was the final straw. (Now before anyone hates, it is my right as a paying customer to be pissed off). Never again.

    It depends if you consider the complaints to just be negative or to be constructive.

    Most are constructive. You can ask most people who have some experience with the BF franchise and they can all give you a list of really similar problems / issues with the game.

    Don't forget a huge part of the backlash is that DICE did mislead the PC community on what they were getting with the game. All the talk of, "PC lead platform, " "true sequel to bf2m" right up until release. It comes out and everyone goes, "this can't of been PC lead platform, it's not a sequel to bf2" and dice has to turn around and admit that basically the engine was designed from a PC perspective but the game and it's content was done for consoles.

    The fact of the matter is, DICE has almost made an awesome game. Everyone can see how decisions DICE made prevented this. They are all fixable with DLC and patches. People want this done. It isn't whinging. It's constructive.

    As is the MP is starting to die. If diced listened and delivered proper BF content, bigger maps, with better destruction that alters game play. The game could have a large on going community for years.

    BF3 was not DICES attempt at a sequel to BF2. It was their attempt to bring together BC2 plays with BF2 players into one game. In trying to bridge the gap, they made a game which is not as good as either of those games. A game which has removed the best aspects of both games. It really comes down to map design. Neither provide to intense action and use of destruction to alter game play of BC2. None are as big, with as many tactical options as BF2.

    People have been desperate for a modern full scale BF game for years. DICE promised this and didn't deliver. They can either take the criticism as being negative whinging or use it to be constructive.

    If Dice didn't release this as BF3, but some other new BF series a lot of complaints would be gone. As is, it's as much a failing as a BF2 sequel as it would have been a BC2 sequel.

    When it comes to COD, i love COD. Although honestly I don't enjoy MW3 MP. The match making on PC just ruins it was latency. I don't enjoy it, but still enjoy Black Ops, because it's a fast, responsive game. MW3 isn't. I was surprised I didn't like it. MY COD play times for every game from COD4 onward goes from about 1000hours COD4, 500 WAW, 180 MW2, 200 Black Ops. MW3 7 hours.

    It's not hating, MW3 is a stinker.

    wow casual gamer much? you are not really entitled to an opinion unless you know what you are talking about, come back and write and article when you have done some study owen good.

    I'm a bit of a fickle gamer - I play something, get it finished and move on. But I admit I enjoyed BF3 and kept playing long after I'd rung most of the achievements out of it. I'll probably go back too when the next set of maps become available.

    I've been getting into BF3 recently on PC (a recent upgrade to windows 7 allowed has allowed me to play). I wasn't aware of this issue but I can see where they are coming from just in regards to patch notes. The commuity kind of needs patch notes to save time testing everything themselves.

    For example, say when the original game came out and a certain was a litle underpowered. I write it off, not planning to use it again with better options available. But then a patch comes out, buffing this weapon and making it a viable option. The only way i'm going to find out about this is word of mouth. I'm not going to personally test everything each time a patch is released. I shouldn't have to rely on the community or youtube videos to piece together that information.
    The developers for MW3 are bad for this as well, not a single release of patch notes since release.
    I'm kind of surprised the boycott (sorta) worked though, good for them i guess

    certain weapon*

    For me BF3 has been one of the most stable releases on my current rig, which I built up around six months ago. There are server crashing issues which are annoying (22-1 not registering because I got booted with no actual reason as to why) but the game itself is very stable. People need to look at their hardware and PC building skills as well as their ISP rather than trying to blame someone else due to their lack of understanding. It's not hard to solve issues using www.google.com and searching for a little while. This is part of the fun with PC gaming.

    BF3 is massively frustrating but the nature of the complex weapon systems and damage meters etc. must be very hard to actually code properly, especially when you have so many people shooting at the same time.

    My biggest complaint is the overpowered Tanks and IFV's, however, I also realise that these vehicles are only OP because people rarely work as a team or play together as a squad, as Battlefield 3 is designed to be played as if you plan to have 'fun' rather than some 'random kills in a casual manner' ... which, to be honest, is what MOST of us actually do. DICE have tried to create a game which people who play once/twice a week (like me) can still enjoy as much as clanning people who play for 10-15 hours a day. I must admit that if BF3 was your main source of entertainment, or the greater portion of your life, then you have a right to be mad, just don't expect anyone else to give much of a shit.

    What I hate with a passion are these 'old skool' people who mention BF2 like it's still a relevant game and the fact that they played BF2 makes them more qualified to post some utter crap. BF3's maps are massive, the way the game is balanced has changed since BC2.

    I pumped 800 hours into BC2 and enjoyed a great deal of it, but I am finding that I am starting to love BF3 just as much... I guess this is more to the fact that you need to adapt to survive in a specific round. If you're on the side being smashed (yes, most games ARE unbalanced) then stop running into battle armed with an AR and expect to win the round. Once you adapt, so will the emeny (if only to find you and continue to pwn) and the game swings in a different direction once again.

    BF3 is massively tactical and very complicated. I believe most people see this as a Casual game and fail constantly with a bad K/D and have a uMAD adventure and mindlessly rant on the internet. Play the game properly and stop complaining. And to those who 'cant connect', change your ISP or simply fuck off, you're probably a worthless player anyway and all you'll do is moan.

    The game's MP isn't dying, there's always numerous full or near full Hardcore servers running, even if I can 'sneak' a game at lunch time if I have a day off during the week! I'm not sure about the Nerf servers, I guess they're full of wailing and crying casual gamers 24/7 as well.

    In the end, Battlefield 3 is intense and highly addictive and easily the best online shooter out until either BC3 or 2143 hits some time in the next 18 months, so enjoy and stop complaing!

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