Real-Life Gotham City Impostors Looks More Entertaining Than The Game

Whoa there, viral marketeers! You have to be careful not to overshadow your product with the promotion, as these lovely shots of everyday people dressing up in Gotham City Impostors garb readily demonstrate.

Monolith's game of vigilant justice versus criminal insanity is now out on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but it's no substitute for actually cobbling together a makeshift superhero / villain costume and taking to the streets of your local Gotham equivalent.

If I didn't have a job this is probably what I'd be doing instead.


    The swagger in that first pic is glorious.

    Originally, I wasn't really interested in this game.

    These shots were the amazing, awesomely tongue-in-cheek and I'm now considering grabbing a copy from Steam.

    I love the Batman box-mask in the last photo.

      A couple of warnings: I bought it straight up off Steam - then realised it uses GFWL, and (thus far, maybe it will improve) the most goddawful matchmaking system I've encountered since AvP. The game itself is a lot of fun though. But be warned.

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