Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? I can't tell if this one is going to be easy or difficult (probably easy), but if you're all struggling I'll upload a second pic later this afternoon.


    hmm not Sw:Kotor is it?

    operation winback!

    Make that star wars knights of old republic

      Yep, that's Ahto City's floor pattern.

      I was thinking KotOR as well, definitely had that Star Wars vibe to it. Congrats on the guess, man!

        Such a great game. Would love KOTOR 3

          Soon as I saw it "Oh, that's KOTOR"


    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

    Turok 2? NO, Black, on PS2?

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight. Most likely post Mysteries of the Sith expansion.

    That foot first made me think Perfect Dark, but that ain't no Perfect Dark floor. No idea at all but it kinda looks like a PS2 game to me.

    one of the soul caliburs?

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2?

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