Remember This?

Mark is still sick and Alex is (figuratively) tap dancing around the cubicle, still chuffed about his Remember This effort yesterday... so I guess it is my turn. Today's Remember This suggestion comes from Kotaku reader Matt M. Leave your answer in the comments!


    another world seems a decent shout. Maybe a Lucasarts SCUMM game, like monkey island

      ... or The Dig ...

      Apparently The Dig invented the Iphone. Samsung can use this in the next court case...,111384/

    Skyrim on Low settings.


      Best new joke ever!

    Out Run, Hang On, or Rad Racer?

    Indy and the fate of atlantis

    Pirates! On the Commodore 64

    I honestly want to say Commander Keen, possibly Secret of the Oracle.

    Twinsen's Odyssey.

      Ding ding ding! Yes, it is Twinsen's Odyssey, also known as Little Big Adventure 2!


        OH GOD the nostalgia trip... how did i not recognise this? i played it to death as a child

          Where would you like to go? "To the himalya mountains"

            Technically that was from relentless (LBA1), still great game.

              both LBA games were amazeballs IMO... so many good memories with those games, and fantastic humour as well

    Matt M is a mean mean man. That sky could be from any thousands of video games.

    Chrono Trigger

    It has come to this. Blue with a little bit of blue.

      But is it really a little bit of blue, or just JPEG artifacting in the rest of the blue? HOW WILL WE EVER KNOW? D:

    Rising Damp: Slow Death from Below

    Super Mario Bros

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