Sazh, Card Games And Bikinis All To Be Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

Sazh, Card Games And Bikinis All To Be Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

Square Enix is continuing to keep the ball rolling on Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC. Their previous entry brought Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar to the game; the next will bring Sazh.

The downloadable episode, called “Sazh: Heads or Tails?” allows players to take the title character through a story of his own that runs in parallel to the main game. As with previous DLC, when the content is complete, the character can be taken out into the player’s party. The update also puts new card games in the Serendipity casino. In a separate DLC entry on the same day, Square Enix will also be adding new costumes for characters Noel and Serah.

The DLC packs all become available on February 28 for both XBox 360 (400 MSP for Sazh’s story; 240 for outfits) and PS3 ($4.99 for Sazh; $US2.99 for clothes).


  • Wait… Sazh’s DLC is just him fucking about in the gambling level to try and win back his son? Seriously? Not even a new area or anything?

    Why was this not included in the clearly unfinished game?

  • The problem with adding the characters from 13 into the game as party members is why would you then want to use any of the monsters? I personally only used a healer and commando monsters through my entire play through.Never needed anything else. So once dlc party members fill those roles that negates a large part of the game really. 😐

  • As much as paying for DLC annoys me, Sazh was my favorite character from ff13, so i will gladly play his story.

    Costume DLC, i don’t really care about that. Unless they give Serah Terra’s outfit or something.

  • I thought not having cards in the game at the start was lame, But i cant wait to give it a go. I know what costume ill be using hehe

  • Just because content is released afterwards doesn’t mean the game is incomplete. Square Enix determines what is complete, not us gamers because we don’t want to pay for content afterwards. Yeah, it’s insane charging $3 for a costume, and I won’t do that either, but releasing content afterwards not only extends the life of the game, but also prevents delays because certain non-minor issues can be fixed afterwards.

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