Square Enix Registers Domain For Chrono Bind

Square Enix registered chronobind.com and chronobind.net on Friday, Siliconera reports. Despite speculation, this is likely unrelated to popular RPG Chrono Trigger. Chrono Bind is a card game in an upcoming DLC pack for the recently released Final Fantasy XIII-2. [Siliconera]


    This really got me excited... but then I saw it was a DLC for 13-2. I thought it WAS related to Chrono Trigger :(((

    Thanks for getting our hopes up Jason =( We need a new Chrono Trigger/Cross game badly.

    FF13-2 practically IS a Chrono game anyway.

    I had been thinking of trying the FFXIII-2 demo to see if the game might be up my alley, but all this talk of the game being unfinished to pave the way for a true ending via DLC, followed by DLC releases on what feels to be a weekly basis isn't exactly warming me to it.

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