The Smallest GTA 6 Update Ever Has Fans Losing Their Minds Again

The Smallest GTA 6 Update Ever Has Fans Losing Their Minds Again

Grand Theft Auto fans are some of the most dedicated and wild around. So it shouldn’t be surprising that when GTA fans noticed a small update to Rockstar’s official Grand Theft Auto VI website, the community exploded and people started losing it.

GTA 6 was announced late last year after years of fake rumours, vague teases, and radio silence from developer Rockstar Games. The next main instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise won’t be here until 2025. That didn’t stop the game’s first trailer from quickly becoming one of the most viewed videos on the internet. Fans dug into every frame, obsessing over every detail, even figuring out the SPF level of one NPC’s sunscreen. And this big, hungry community of players—ravenous for any new detail or tidbit about the upcoming open-world game—practically went feral over a small backend update that temporarily added a new screenshots section to GTA 6’s official website.

On May 8, fans noticed that the official game page on Rockstar’s website for GTA 6 had gone live and included a section dedicated to screenshots, though nothing was included in that area of the page. Not long after this discovery, the GTA 6 page was yanked and now returns a 404 error.

However, as noted by GTA6Countdown on Twitter, the backend code still exists for the page, and references to being able to digitally pre-order the epic open-world game can still be found. Many fans believe this is evidence that soon, possibly later this month, Rockstar Games will release new screenshots or more for GTA 6 as part of a larger marketing push around the game available for pre-order. Might we even get a more specific release window beyond “2025”?

Of course, as is common now with any big video game news spreading online, many people began sharing false info or misinformation about GTA 6 and the small website update. Some people even started uploading fake screenshots of GTA 6 created using AI generation. This is a good time to remind folks to be more careful than ever when searching Reddit or Discord, as AI generation has made it easier than ever to create hoaxes and fake images of big games.

Still, the updates to the GTA 6 website and Rockstar’s backend do seem to indicate that the company might be ready to reveal more about the hotly anticipated sequel. And when they do, I expect GTA fans will lose it all over again.

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