Square Enix's Next Mobile Game Is Called Guardian Cross

Publisher Square Enix will release a new fantasy game for iOS and Android this spring, it said on its press Twitter account today.

It's called Guardian Cross and its Facebook page describes it as a fantasy card battle game.

Square Enix has had several forays into the world of mobile gaming. It recently released ports of its classic games Final Fantasy Tactics for iPad and Chrono Trigger for iPhone.

Square Enix Press [Square Enix]


    Our spring or their spring? I can never tell anymore.

    Better start saving now. Good old SE and their 20 times higher price points on iOS games

      This is why I don't have any on my iPad. Though it cost more to buy for my DS it at least has proper controls.

    "iOS and Android"
    Interest evaporated

      Did you expect it to be on another mobile OS or something or just not read the title?

      Personally I'm ecstatic we're getting another Se game on Android, disappointed they haven't bought over any FF's but they may still yet.

        No I own an iPhone, just think mobile phone gaming is a waste of time

          He must have skipped the "mobile" part. Thanks for the input though Nick.

    Really interested in Chaos Rings 2.. this may tide me over until then.

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