SSX Is Ready To Take You Around The World

The dev studios working on EA's upcoming snowboarding reboot are using satellite data to recreate some of the world's most iconic mountan ranges. How do the results look? You can take a gander in three clips above, which take you to near the South Pole, the American Midwest and into a plucky Pacifica principality. There's snow everywhere, waiting for you to own it. SSXis out in about two weeks.


    Yes but can I snowboard down from High Hrothgar?

      mods say yes

    You know, while the thought of snowboarding down an exaggerated snowy South Pole mountain side is kinda cool, its hardly something I'm going to be thinking about when I'm virtually carving up snow and trying not to faceplant.

    I have great memories of playing SSX when I was younger. I wonder if EA has screwed this series up to.

    Where's all the player customization clothing apparel and etc !! do they all just wear jumpsuits in this game?

      Yeah I agree, the customization (in On Tour for example) was one of the main reasons in which I enjoyed the game to the extent that I did.

    Brought to you by PlayStation, but the videos/screens are from the Xbox version? :P

    cant find my copy of ssx3 .. I has a sad

    they need to make it more realistic. like skate 2.
    no one can do 2160s... yet

    Did they seriously use a song from the skate 3 soundtrack? Wow quality black box!! (reference to the first vid)

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