Merqury City Makes A Comeback In SSX

EA Sports dropped this video of SSX late Friday, boasting that they've got something new coming soon and that only those with sharp eyes would be able to even guess what it was. Well, in the first 20 seconds, the camera lingers on board art that says "Merqury City", referencing a level from the original game. So that wasn't too hard.

The other component would seem to be the addition of a free ride mode, but you can watch all 4:09 of this to see if you can find any more clues. "Something Wicked Is On Its Way", the title of this video, would seem to be one too.


    Why dont I have this game yet?

      I don't know. But you should, if you liked previous editions.

      It's still not quite the absurd joyfest of Tricky or the awesome 30-min run peak to base of SSX3, but it has some lovely plummeting action, ridiculous stunts and finding the best lines and shortcuts is as fun as ever.

    Was perpendiculas in merqury city????.... It's a sterling game!!! You really must get it!!!

    I'm sure he's got more than one super uber move in the video??? Does that mean customizable characters???!!!! Oooooooo 8)

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