Starting From April Bungie Will No Longer Be Handling Your Halo Stats

I'm a massive Halo fan, and this almost makes me feel a little bit sad. After March 31, Bungie will no longer be looking after your Halo stats, as the transition process from Bungie to 343 Industries will be fully complete.

"Last summer, Bungie and 343 Industries began a transition process for Halo data," reads the update on Bungie's official website. "On March 31st, 2012 that transition process will be complete, all live Halo data will be managed by 343 Industries, and Bungie will no longer be able to update game stats and player service records, to host new user generated content, or to operate the Bungie Pro service. All currently supported, Bungie-developed Halo titles will be impacted by this change."

From April onwards, players should head to for their stats and info.

I'm almost nostalgic for my old daily visits to Obsessing over my kill/death ratio, looking for extra info on how close I was to levelling up. I used to keep my laptop open next to me whilst playing Halo 3, watching my stats being uploaded immediately after each match, stalking pro stat. The Bungie weekly update was part of my reading schedule for so long.

Even though I rarely play Halo nowadays, and almost never look online for stat info, it's going to feel weird going to another site for info about the game. Also, this really represents the last vestige of Bungie's involvement with the Halo series they created.


Final Transition for Halo Services [Bungie]


    Bitter sweet news indeed.

    I think every franchise needs new blood every now and then, and from what I've seen I think 343 will do a good job.

      I agree, new blood into franchises can make for some great games, you only have to look at games like Metroid and what Retro Studios did with it for the Prime trilogy to see that new blood can take an existing IP and make it awesome.

      But with 343, considering some of the studio is Ex-Bungie already, is it really going to be that different?

      I want to believe this too but Anniversary gave me doubts. It was 343's introduction to the community but they gave most of the work to Sabre Interactive, the Chief model was borked, coop over LIVE was utterly broken and the AR model was off.

      All in all it was not a grand entrance and I've got my doubts.

    Personally, i'm not a fan of halo at all but i'm not entirely comfortable about any of this. I find that the whole halo franchise created a special kind of fandom and even as a non fan i can appreciate it. I believe that bungie is soley responsible for it. So handing it over to someone else just seems wron IMO but who knows i could be wrong, i just hope most people enjoy it.

    I don't like the way 343 handles the stats and I haven't played Halo for some time. I was very sad to discover Halocharts had closed down in November, and now I am experiencing another rush of melancholy.

    I look forward to Bungie's new project, but competitive multiplayer hasn't been the same for me since the peak of Halo 3.

    To be honest Halo Waypoint's stat service is pretty robust, looks like 343 are already doing a decent job.

    We've been going to halo waypoint for a few months now

    Good. Bungie have made it quite obvious that they don't really care about Halo anymore. What with them not bringing out a single title update for Reach.

      How could they bring up a title update? They were busy moving on and giving off the franchise to 343i.

        It's not like the couple of small suggestions by the community that everyone on their forums was hounding on about for months would be difficult to do. Things like DMR reticle bloom that needed tweaking, more balance with armor lock, tiny little things like that which would not take much difficult testing or time at all, and they couldn't even give us that.

        There was a large gap between Reach's release and 343 coming into it, a several-month gap in fact, and they could have easily addressed at least a couple of the community's concerns, but they didn't do a damn thing.

          they've done title updates. they're great, but i wish they were on all playlists, and not just some.

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