The New Mass Effect 3 'Live Action' Trailer Explodes Everything Real Good

Warning you guys — I have an opinion and I'm about to share it. Oh, watch out everyone! I totally do not see the point of these live action trailers for video games which are not live action. Surely that makes sense...

Maybe it's like that video game art in the 80s, remember those insane pieces of art which looked nothing like anything that happened in the game itself? Maybe these live action trailers are supposed to represent the experience that happens in your imagination as you play — or perhaps its some sort of idealised Mass Effect.

Regardless, I think Mass Effect, and most games for that matter, have come far enough to represent themselves as video games. In fact, poorly made live action trailers like the one above only just seems to reduce the impact of the game. Attempting to shoehorn the mechanics of a game into some quasi-real scenario just leaves the whole thing looking a little... juvenile.

What do you guys think?


    Maybe they are trying to appeal to the people who liked the video game art of the 80's and 90's. Nostalgia is a strong force with video gamers.

    I like it. I know it's a bit incongruous with what it's actually advertising, but I enjoyed the execution.

    wow... after that incredible cgi ad that was... terrible...

    Halo: ODST, never even played the game, but that is one of my all time favourite game adverts.

    They have their place, if done well.

      That seemed pretty awful to me. It would have worked better pre-rendered, that way they avoid the low-budget feel and it allows them to get the environments and clothing more in line with what we see in the games.

    i enjoy live action game trailers, esp the ones that in some way mimic gameplay. such as this mass effect one and the other that comes to mind is halo reach's 'deliver hope'. which btw andrew if you havent seen, is better then ODST's IMO

      Halo Reaches was a brilliant mix of live action and cgi. perfectly done.

    After their other ads, this is complete garbage...

    IMO Deus Ex HR got the live-action done right.

    I don't mind them too much, although like everyone else says as long as they are well done. Or at least intentionally done bad hee hee.

    I agree, though there have been some live-action trailers that have really stood out. Those released for Halo 3, ODST and Reach, for instance. The difference, as you've highlighted above, is that the Halo live-action pieces were well produced and really captured the feel of the Halo universe - so much so that I found the feel of the games almost disappointing in comparison.

    looked like the london riots to me, anyway, ME3 is just a blip on the radar, back to SKYRIM!

    The trailer looks awesome! Plus it's realistic... I mean it shows those two people making out (then probably having sex) - which is totally what I would be doing in my last minutes before a Reaper invasion!

    I thought that was gameplay footage! ;)


    Check out Eddie Wong's live-action trailer for Battlefield 3. That's one of the best live action ads I've ever seen.
    The only other live action video game trailer worth mentioning is the one for the first Smash Bros.

      I don't know, i think this one is pretty good to

      and hot mario :) basically yay nintendo

    I'll second the Freddie Wong ad because it had a sense of humour about itself, but jeez, I can feel the dumbening from watching that ME one.

      Wait a minute...that's not how you spell dumbening...

    Would have been better if they cut that just a split second after the first reaper attack.

    I wanna see a modern video game like MW3 advertised like those old Atari 2600 ads, with the excited kids face then game footage. Bonus points if it shows the kid playing it with an old joystick

    I agree completely. Its the same as looking at the back of a game cover & not seeing any gameplay screens, just a bunch of pre-rendered wank. Games look more than good enough, wtf?!

    I never understood stuff like the Incinerate power, both in the game and in this trailer. What exactly is he shooting out of his omni-tool? It's a glowing ball of... holographic fire? That explodes? I don't know.

    I also hate these, it looks like a low-budget B-grade Mass Effect movie. I don't understand what it's trying to accomplish. Pretending it's not a video game? Trying to appeal to people who don't like video games?

      Written by People who dont play video games, for people who don't like Video Games. Now a Major Motion Picture, by Uwe Boll.

    You said cheesy B-grade live action movie. I don't see Red Alert's Joseph Stalin anywhere. Disappointed. 2/10

    It's all marketing. It doesn't really matter whether it's a live action trailer, pre-rendered, gameplay or a big pair of jiggly boobs. If it gets eyes on and people talking, then it's done it's job.

    I must be alone in liking this trailer.

    I think it shows a human side to the series that is usually downplayed.

    i also think it shows more the emotional side of the series..and then it shows shephard...who should've been played by matthew fox (lol)...and he's like all alone...doesnt he have to build a squad or something? lost on me there..especially after those other awesome trailers, i think they shot themselves in the foot here.

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