The Very Best In Cosplay: LJinto

Our little journey around the best of the best in cosplay continues today with a look at another photographer, one who, pound for pound, is probably the most widely-seen on the planet.

That photographer is LJinto, and his work is amazing.

Comprising both dedicated cosplay shoots and pounding the pavement at conventions and shows, LJinto is a cosplay photography machine, his Flickr pool updated constantly with incredible shots.

You can see some highlights above, but really, to see his collection in all its glory you should head to his gallery, linked below.

LJinto's photostream [Flickr]

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.


    C Viper FTW

    Oh wow, Giovanni at the end there. The little sister shot is really good.

    Oh Officer Jenny, can't you see, you can lock me up and throw away the key! Joy! My diagnosis is bleak when i see your face my knees get weak. This can't go on, enough is enough! I gotta choose one no matter how tough! It's time for Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo! Oh wait a second! *wait a second* whats her name?! I just gotta know! I JUST GOTTA KNOW!

      *Grabs Tom's ear, drags him off-screen*

        Personally I prefer the "stick him with poison jab" approach they took in DP, but Misty and Max had some good times when they were Brock's brakes

    OMG I want that N7 gear man did he make it himself or did he buy it!? And Tali looks awesome as well! Also like the Giovanni shot. :D

      If I'm correct then that's Harrison (Volpin Props)

      He didn't give a fully detailed run down of how he made it but you get a damn good idea. Boy has some mad skills.

        Oh my god. I just want to have a shot at it. So cooool. Thanks for that link btw!

    #3 is hot.

    I cant' help but feel that it would be a better world if people just generally dressed like this all the damn time.

      See people cosplaying characters they really shouldn't for why that would be a bad idea.

    I saw a similar Shepard at EB Expo... a male/female couple. The costume, not the person.

    Also, that Tali is awesome!

    There's always a Morrigan, or a Link, or Zelda, or Cloud....

    Impressive, most impressive

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