The Worst Facebook Game Title Ever

These days, it can seem as though every Facebook game-title ends in -ville. So thank God for Telaxo, whose game Ball Separation stands out from the sack... I mean pack.

Truly, this game looks like it swings free! I hear that Facebook gamers the world over are just nuts for it. It looks like one of the real jewels of the social gaming space, and whether you play with your left hand or your right, you'll get a firm hold on its mechanics in no time flat.

Heat up some water, drop in a teabag, and get ready for some hang-loose fun.

Ball Separation [Appdata Page via Ferricide]


    I approve of this cheap smut.

    hahaha oh the testicles

    Kirk's got some balls to pull off this stunt.

    Well done...

    Well done indeed.

    Y'know, it's these sort of articles that make me really...testy.

    And the puns just keep coming.

    Would have been good if he could work in a bit of info about the game amidst all the puns but I suppose you've got to decide how they're hanging.

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