This Persona Figure Has A Crazy Crotch, Part II Electric Boogaloo

Last October, a Persona 4 figure featuring Izanagi and his crazy crotch surfaced. And now there's another one. And it comes with a friend. Oh, and a crazy crotch!

Part of a "Persona 4 Twin Pack DX", Izanagi is packaged with Slipping Hablerie, the first boss in the game's Twisted Shopping District.

While the previous Izanagi was from MegaHouse, this set is from PhatCompany and is priced at ¥3900 ($50). It will be out this May in Japan.

More photos in the link below.

ファット・カンパニー「ペルソナ4 Twin Pack DX イザナギ&失言のアブルリー」サンプルレビュー []

Top photo: Moeyo


    I prefer the Megahouse version than the Good Smile one. The base is a bit plain and the rod up his ass is too obvious.

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