Triumphantly Hideous Dialogue Makes Evil Zone One Of The Funniest Games Ever

Crafted by Yuke's and published by Titus Software in North America for the original PlayStation, Evil Zone is a fighting game that uses only two buttons for battle. I'm guessing they couldn't afford more buttons after shelling out big bucks for this amazing voiceover work. "I'm gibbering nonsense!"

Often cited in compilations covering the worst video game dialogue of all time, we (video editor Christopher Person and I) decided it was time for a lengthier look at what makes the game so horrendously glorious. All it really took was Christopher typing the game's title into the chat window, really. This is one of the few non-RPG PSone games I own, and the video demonstrates why.

Since Evil Zone is a parody of popular anime tropes of the day — the magical girl, the space ranger, the satanic anti-hero, etc. — it's hard to say if the dialog was butchered on purpose or not. Whatever the case, it's pure comedy gold.


    Is that the Colonel from the MGS series?? And also Granpa Tennyson??...

    I swear to god, one of those characters sounds just like Colonel Campbell.

    I guess this is what Colonel Campbell did after he went insane at the end of MGS2. He sounds like he's in good company now.

    I loved Evil Zone for its campy, cheesy anime stylings. I found it more fun than Ehrgeiz anyway.

      I liked Ehrgeiz... not a great game, but the RPG-ish thing was fun, the actual fighting game bit was only OK... but I am a Final Fantasy fan...

    Evil zone was hilarious,
    Rented it one weekend, then tracked it down and bought it... should still have it somewhere (still have the dozen or so PS1 games)

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