Valve's $100 Joke Ends In Half-Life Delay Gags

Valve's $100 Valentine's Day gag was actually taken up by a lot of people, who figured the money was well spent since it gave them a chance to broadcast a message to the entire Team Fortress 2 community.

What resulted, then, were not actual engagements, but people making Half-Life 3 jokes for the whole world to see. Which may be what Valve expected all along, and is why the entry barrier to such power was set so high.

TF2′s $US100 wedding rings are one dirty joke [PC Gamer]


    Couldn't they... I don't know...

    Hell, I'm sure there's something more useful you could spend $100 on, I mean shit...

      These are the people that buy you any game you want if they think you're a chick...

      Couldn't they just photoshop the image to make thier gag, right?

        They could, but when some of the funniest appear in multiple screens by multiple users...

    I'm going to hell for laughing so hard at the Hitler ones.

    This is why I love the Internet <3

    Anne Frank Has Accepted Adolph Hitlers Apology.
    Best one i've seen.

    TF2 community is one of the most special when it comes to wasting money. (I've been a reformed TF2'er for 4 months, the shaking has finally stopped. Just taking it one day at a time)

    Okay, fess up; Who's got a link to the inevitable website collecting all the funny ones?

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