Video Proof That Touch My Katamari Is, At Last, A Good Portable Katamari Damacy

The name of the game is perverted, but Touch My Katamari is still a winner among the PlayStation Vita launch line-up. The game may have touch controls, but who needs them? The Vita has twin analogue sticks, and that's what Namco's great everything-rolling game needs.

I play the game on my Vita in this video so you can see what it's all about.

Watch it. Admire it. And furrow you brow at it, because, Touch My Katamari is as weird as all the others in the series.


    LOL Just the TITLE is perverted??? Have you read the back cover??? GO ON, TYPE IT UP, WORD FOR WORD! lol

    Ill save you the trouble by typing it myself :)

    "Roll your Katamari and get all the objects on screen stuck to make it bigger and bigger"

      Thats how the Prince rolls!

    Isn't that a Mariah song? :)

    "Touch My Katamari"

    That's what the ladies ask me to do. :P :)

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