Watch An Amnesiac Girl Make Food And Take Naps

In April, game developer, Gust will release Ciel nosurge for the PS Vita. The game, designated under the genre "7th Dimensional Communication", will take the player to the doomed world of La Ciela, where they will meet the amnesiac little girl, Ion (ee-on).

The game will utilise the PS Vita's internal clock and allow to the player to interact with the world of La Ciela in real time. Players will not only be able to talk and get to know Ion and the world around her, but they will also be able to see her daily life from cooking to working to looking through the fridge. This also means that late night gamers out there will probably see a lot of Ion asleep...

The choices and bonds the player forms with Ion and the many spirits of La Ciela will help to revive and determine the fate of the dying world on the other side of the Vita's touchscreen.

Ciel nosurge is scheduled for release in Japan on April 26.

シエルノサージュ~失われた星へ捧ぐ詩~ [ガスト]


    Does she prefer a shower or a bubble bath I wonder...

    First must have game for PSV me thinks..

    This is the game that some of the key staff of Ar Tonelico are working on eh? Seem about right ;)

      There's rumors they have something more substantial in the pipeline to announce soon as well.

    I always liked virtual pet games, it was a shame to see them die.

    Who knows, maybe this game will be good..? The graphics look nice.

    Wonder if it will be brought over to English countries.

      wondering that myself. Gust has been pretty good with western releases but It wouldn't be very surprising if they gave this one a pass. Time will tell I suppose.

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