We Should Go To The Main Control Room... Ahhhh!

Get Natalya to the main control room. It never really sounded that hard but, man, did 1997's GoldenEye 007 on the N64 make you work your arse off to make it happen.

Probably didn't help that Natalya was, well, she wasn't particularly bright and like many AI-controlled friendlies of the era, would happily walk across your line of fire and die. English bullets haven't got anything on good-old Russian munitions, eh?

This live-action video does an excellent job of portraying this fool's errand in all it's stupefying glory. Anyone who's played GoldenEye should be able to empathise with the clip's tortured protagonist, if tears aren't already forthcoming from the memory alone.

Real Life Goldeneye 64 [YouTube, via Gizmodo]


    and yet, I still got invincible mode ;) Aww yeeeeah!!

      But you didn't get invincibility from Control, you got it from Facility - didn't you?

        That's correct. It was like 2 minutes on 00 agent. A task I considered impossible back in the day.

    The picture for the article looks like a bad scene from casting couch >.>

      You watch too much porn.

      Wait, James Bond Casting Couch? Giving the bond babes a test run. lol.

    That was AWESOME! very well made!

    SOOOO funny! Ending was hysterical when she got hung up on the doorframe!

    Haha, those death animations were really true to the game. Makes me want to play it again.

    Don't forget the awesome forward rolls.

    I've never played that game but I feel you pain at the mindless stupidity of the AI. Very good acting.

    I seriously hope none of you played any of the sections like this guy did.

    I know this feel

    Ahhh so many memories. Now they just need one where you're using dual grenade launchers and the FPS drops to 1 from too many explosions.

      My brother and I always called that kind of fps drop "old-school Bullet-time"

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