Your New Love, Plus An Amazing 3DS Camera Feature

With the release of New Love Plus in Japan on Valentine's day, Konami introduced a creative new game system that utilizes the 3DS's built-in camera.

Players can now take and edit photos using the editing tool included with the game so that the game characters can move in, behind, and actually interact with the photo environments. This is all part of a feature than enables the player to custom create and share their own "date courses." Characters will sit in chairs, lean on walls, hang from poles all inside real life photos taken by the player's 3DS.

Obviously, there are limitations to this feature. The character interactivity is limited to only certain actions. Characters can walk behind, but not around objects. Another drawback the inability to import images, so downloading and editing photos from NASA for that moon date are out.

Despite the limitations, the new feature shows a great deal of potential that could be utilised in other game and genres and not just sausage parties. Perhaps someday soon we'll have shooters and tactical games that allow you to make your own maps and environments with a few clicks of a camera. (And not endless hours coding)

And maybe I'll get that moon date…



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