Angry Birds Space: 10 Million Downloads In 3 Days

Is it cool to not hate Angry Birds yet? I'm too scared to admit that I've kinda/sort of been playing Angry Birds Space over the last couple of days, but it looks as though I'm not alone — 10 million people have downloaded the game in three days.

For some perspective, it took the original Angry Birds 10 days to achieve the same milestone. It's difficult to assess precisely how many people paid for the game (there are free options out there) but still, like it or not, the Angry Birds brand remains strong.

Anyone played it yet? I'm actually quite enjoying the new gravity mechanics...

[Runs for his life]


    Has there been any hate over the game at all?

      The game is a good time sink and actually pretty fun and it's not like thier asking for exorbitant prices to play it, so theirs no reason to hate it.

      The only hate i've heard of is people complaining about the hype of it.

      hate from plenty of 'gamers' annoyed that people who don't call themselves 'gamers' dare to enjoy playing video games.

    Heh this was posted last night as well the difference between their work and marks is significant though :P

    I don't like the original, but I think Space is actually pretty clever.

    And yeah, there is hate out there. Tonnes of downvoting on the gamespot video review of people saying they like the game.

    its a pretty cleaver game, I am quite enjoying it on the android.

    I dont hate the game, just the fact people seem to think its fantastic. Mostly because I remember playing physics launcher games on the web ten years ago and got over it.

    The space twist is however a good one, and actually an original spin on a very saturated concept

      Its a fantastic game, that's why people 'seem to think that' I played driving games on my 386, and clearly never 'got over it' because I think Forza 4 is fantastic :P

    What I guess I struggle to understand is the appeal of the character design. In all honesty I get WHY Angry Birds is a popular game, but the birds and pigs just look unappealing, and yet you can't go anywhere in public these days without seeing them emblazoned on clothes, or stationery, or phone covers. These characters are literally inescapable, and they are as ugly as sin.

      Yeah, to be fair, it kind of looks like it was designed by an uninterested flash artist. Then again, an audience with taste will always be niche.

      Totally agree, I don't find the style of the birds/pigs appealing at all

    Got the add supported android version ans turn my mobile network off... No adds.

    Yeah, I hate hype but I can't hate the company for making a more traditional nonsense game. It's not like they're Zynga or something.

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