Animated Star Wars: The Old Republic Makes Hilarious Light Of Unpredictable Dialogue

Animated Star Wars: The Old Republic Makes Hilarious Light Of Unpredictable Dialogue

Have you ever played a BioWare game where a dialogue option you chose resulted in a completely unexpected response? I certainly have. In fact, I distinctly recall cursing into the night, “Dammit, that’s not what I meant to say!”

So has Redditor TerminalMontage, who made this hilarious and cute video on his experiences playing through SWTOR with Brandon his best friend. This might be my most favourite thing ever.


  • Just another of those “little” issues with the game that, when combined with the others, caused me to end my sub.. It’s sub death by a thousand cuts.

    • Just so you know, pressing escape allows you to exit the conversation and start again. If you do end up evil you can go into the UI options and set it so that it doesn’t display your light/dark side visuals (like you do with your helmet).

  • Yeah that was funny and I’ve felt like that a few times in the game but the whole bashing the game thing is getting old, yeah it’s got it’s bugs and problems but what MMO doesn’t? Especially on launch. If people don’t like the game, fine good for you, in the words of whoever made the saying “It’s okay to not like things, but don’t be a dick about it”

  • and thats why there is a dark side/light side logo in the centre of the conversation ring when you move the mouse over each option, and typically the 3rd option is usually the evil one. This video is stupid

    • Only actions that grant points have those logos, but this kind of thing happens all the time on things that don’t give points and can also prevent the conversation branching to an area where you can get the type of points you want.

      That said, these conversations were the part of the game I enjoyed the most and I hope more MMOs give out quests this way.

      • Yeah, they happen all the time on options which don’t give points. But those options don’t make you kill people or change your appearance (which can be turned off).

        That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of annoying issues with the game, it’s just that the video, while funny, isn’t really accurate.

  • I’m glad you can just hit ESC to cancel the conversation and try again. Now I’m wishing ME3 had that ability…

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