Community Kudos

"What on earth is Community Kudos?" you ask. "It is a weekly celebration of one of the best online communities to have ever ravaged the internet," we answer.

For those new to the game, each week Kotaku readers nominate fellow community members for Community Kudos. They nominate each other for all sorts of reasons — perhaps someone was being particularly helpful in a comment thread, or maybe they were being very reasonable and insightful when a thread fell apart and descended into readers yelling at each other. Members of the community notice this kind of behaviour and send a nomination (also known as a "nom") to either Mark or myself, and we post about it here. We don't want good work to go unnoticed — this is one of the ways we try to thank the Kotaku community for being so fantastic.

The winner of Community Kudos wins a mystery prize! The winner is determined by either Mark or myself based on the nominations we receive. The mystery prize will probably come really late.


This week, former kudos winner Ynefel has noms for three people! He writes:

"First up is Welbot. An all round top bloke who's been having a pretty crummy time of things from what I hear, NOMS FOR WELBOT'S WELLNESS. Second is Rocketman. Another top bloke who's had it rough of late and through... 'unconventional means' reached a resolution of sorts for his problems. Third, Chuloopa for excessive yet somehow entirely justified over use of caps."

WELBOT WELLNESS is a thing that we can endorse!

Redartifice noms "the builder of baklava, the guardian of gateau, and the tradesman of torte: the one and only Cakesmith, for all of the organisation he's put into community gaming nights".

Goddamnit Redartifice now I'm hungry and where is the cake I NEED ALL THE CARBS.

Pez (also known as Anonymous Pessimist (also known as Pez (also know as Anonymous Pessimist (now known as Pez, I guess), has a nom for the loveliest Lady Strange — the strangest and loveliest of the ladies.

"She is basically awesome," Pez writes. "She is one of the nicest people on TAY, puts up with everyone's crap when they are out of line and is still there to support them and wish them well when they are going through a tough time! She's done all sorts of stuff and gone out of the way for us TAYbies and vigilantly puts in her noms every single week to recognise people on Kotaku. She's one of those honest, good people in life no matter what comes their way. She should really be nommed every single week for everything she does for the TAYbies.

I hope she wins! She definitely deserves more recognition for the support and advice she gives everyone. She's the surrogate TAY mom :p"

Those aren't tears, I have something in my eye. *wipes away tears* You are all so beautiful, like beautiful butterfly.

Cakesmith noms Rocketman "because of reasons". A concise man, this Cake is.

Sir Greenius (I have just decided to knight him on the spot — he is not aware of this — Mark is not here so I DO WHAT I WANT) noms Cakesmith for being awesome. "He gifted me a copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Steam and also offered to help Batgirl, Rocketman and I on resume advice. He also decided to add some pretty awesome prizes to Community Gaming nights!" Yay Cakesmith!

That's not all. Greenius also noms Rocketman for "Rocketmanning a d*****bag at his work. Kudos for standing up to the bullies and writing about it in a poem!" I think I have come up with a new threat: "If you don't do what I say I will Rocketman you all the way to Perth!" (Hello people of Perth!)

Andy noms Scree, Strange, Batgirl and Virus for making him feel welcome in TAY. I will throw in a love heart for good measure. <3

Steve-O has a nom for Rocketman and Rocketman's grandfather, who is quite sick at the moment. "Get better soon RocketGramps!"

Doc What, our replacement Scotsman in Mark's absence, has a nom for Strange: "I nominate Strange. Why? Because she's amazingly awesome! Pft. OBVIOUSLY! She also put in a good word for me with my girlfriend and helped us sort out a mess and has pretty much become my personal confidante/agony aunt. So in return for listening to all my worries and woes (and other people's I'd imagine) she should get some o dem Kudos."


On Wednesday the tech pod decided to go out for lunch together. We got caught in the rain. Look at all that MOISTURE.


Scree has a very long nom. I shall post it here in a box because Scree is special.

I nominate Rocketman. I shall explain why, now. Yesterday I was angry that Harvey Norman was having a huge sale and I had no money. My grandfather took pity on me and gave me money. I then went to Harvey Norman. They had no copies of the game I was after, Mario kart 7. I spoke to a person and he said the sale was online only anyway.

Having finally understood (after running around a bit), I went home and got onto Norman's website. I found Mario Kart 7 and added it to the cart. The page refreshed with no items in your shopping cart. I tried several times not understanding why I couldn't add it. I was really angry, upset and frustrated that they appeared to be completely sold out, or that they hadn't thought to stock up. Mum was laughing at me because I was screaming and swearing at the computer. I was that angry.

I came onto TAY and vented my frustrations. At the same time I contacted Harvey Norman customer service and ranted at them about how I was a paying customer and that they should be more considerate. I'm not usually so forward. o_o

Anyway, after a while Rocketman asked me if I would like his copy of Mario Kart 7. I asked him if he was sure and he replied he was. (I asked multiple times). I also offered him the $30 that Harvey Norman was charging for it but Rocketman refused to take the money. In exchange I offered to make him a Rupee coin purse. He said if I could it would be good and that it was for a friend.

I was completely blown away. Not only was he giving me something he was also going to give the item I gave him in thanks to a friend! What a nice guy! I also gave him the option of a replica coin purse for his friend instead. \o/ It is the least I can do!

I still can't get over how wonderful the TAY community is. I feel really bad because I don't feel I give back enough. I'm hoping to rectify that this year. I really hope I can. =D


Strange! Lovely Lady Strange has a nom for Welbot! Welbot opened up his house for a Kotaku Meat and supplied all the food, drink and games! He even allowed people to stay for the night. Man, what a champ!

Strange also noms me for my Assassin's Creed III coverage this week. *blushes*

Welbot noms Sughly because... "At my meat on the weekend, he let rip with the most hilarious drunken renditions of Baby Got Back and I Would Do Anything for Love (but I wont do that) that I think the world has ever witnessed! I really wish TheL4astQuestion would upload the vid for you all to see, but it seems he's going to save it on his phone to show only at future meats to save Sughly some embarassment. Suffice to say, it had everyone in stitches and made for an awesome evening! Don't think he'll be winning any Grammy's for it, but it was totally worth witnessing! Wish you could all see! lol! Also I guess I should throw out a special thanks to all who attended the meat. You know who you are. You made my weekend awesome!"

Sughly, it is time for you to deliver your best Meatloaf imitation.

And our last nom for this week comes from Freeze S Preston, whose nom goes to Rocketman and Welbot! He noms Rocketman "For crushing his enemies, seeing them kneel before him and hearing the lamentations of the women" [editor's note: err what?] and Welbot "for his epically amazing and amazingly epic pizza meat and being such a great host. Also everyone else on TAY for being so supportive while I was going through a kind of crappy period of my life."

Man, you guys are the best. We're going to have TWO kudos winners today — Rocketman and Strange! Hooray! If you could both send me an email with your postal addresses I will try and get a MYSTERY PRIZE out to you asap.

Thank you to everyone for participating! And remember, even if you've never posted in Talk Amongst Yourselves and don't consider yourself a part of the community, you are more than welcome to nominate other readers for kudos! Send your nominations to the editor!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Grats :D

      Oh and good job on putting a Kudos description :). It's something Mark often forgets :P

    Great job Tracey, and a big "yay!" for all the nice people of Kotaku!

    No yay for the nasties. No, you guys get Jabberwocky:

    Gratz guys.

    And Bubble-T, there isn't nearly enough evil laughing in the tags, particularly if the power has gone to your head.

    Look at all that MOISTURE.

    So much moisture that even Serrels wasn't hot enough to turn it to steam before the picture was taken?

    Incidentally I vote that Tracey should do Kudos every week.

    Huzzah for the kudos's's! Well done RocketStrange =)

    Some many noms that we needed an intermission, that is great

    Congrats Strange and Rocketman!

    "Mark is not here so I DO WHAT I WANT"



      hehe whenever I read something like that, I can only see Cartman doing his "Whatever! I do what I want!"

    Oh man I'm such a loser, I was going to nom welbot for the meat and totally forgot D:

    And to top it of he noms ME! Argh, I'm going to go sulk in the corner now.

    Well, with that said, I think the real question here is... Rocketman makes purses..?

      I think you misunderstood.. she's making HIM a purse, and he's going to give it to a friend

        Hmmm, I think so too. I am even more confused at who the 'she' might be as I picked up on no women present during that nom :/

          Scree is a girl is she not?

            OHHHHHH HAHAHA! Ah... yeah oops. I thought Rocketman wrote it about... well... himself? I dont know. I'm just... I'm just going over here now...

              lol one of those homer moments huh?? Ooooh I get jokes! lol

    Yay Rocketman and Strange! w00ty w00t w00t! You should send out their prizes by... ROCKETMAN! How awesome would that delivery be?! :0


    How does it feel?

    Also congrats Strange and Rocketman!


      Thank you Dame Tracey! (Google tells me this is the female equivalent of 'Sir')

    GRATS GUYS!!! :D

    And yes - i do like the caps button - thank you for noticing.

    This was one looooonnngggg kudos!

    All those noms and mine were still missing. I was suspicious because I didn't get a response from Tracey within 30 secs so she must have missed it. I had noms for scree, Powalen and fled.

    Anyways, congrats to Rocketman and Strange. You guys are awesome. (but you knew that already)

    Oh wow. Even if I hadn't won, those noms in and of themselves turned my week from a tough one into an amazing one. Thank-you.

    And yay, Rockets! Maybe we can share a prize so you have to come visit it. :P

    Also, I like how Greenius was knighted. And Welbot, thanks again for the hospitality at last week's Meat. It was indeed a great night.Oh, and I also have footage of Freeze and Lamb's 'Barbie Girl' duet....

      lol! Lambo was unusually enthusiastic about wanting to sing that before he left wasn't he? :0

    The bear in me only types out the bare necessities, so I will just bearhug y'all.

    Grats Strange! And Rocket! And good bond all round this week, good to see some newer faces getting into the spirit too.

    I am kinda in a terrible place right now so I will just say thanks everyone, you all mean a lot to me. You are truly wonderful people. I also don't care if there is spelling and grammar mistakes
    inb4 #Stillbettergrammarthan Rocketman

      Do two terribles make for awesome? If so.. *hug* Together we can conquer all!

    Respect for epic kudos post. Also for the winners!!! Congrats dude and dudette!

    God damn it. I forgot to send in noms once again. I fail at this.

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