Confirmed: More Bodice-Ripping Scenes in The Witcher 2 Special Edition

Confirmed: More Bodice-Ripping Scenes in The Witcher 2 Special Edition

CD Projekt RED has confirmed that Geralt of Rivia will be getting more ‘action’ in the game’s Xbox 360 release.

“I’m surprised you asked me about that,” CD Projekt Red senior quest designer, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, said with a nervous chuckle.

About ten seconds ago, I had asked him whether there will be any more sex scenes in the new release of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360.

The game had came out on PC last year and was known for its graphic –- not to mention high-quality -– sex scenes that were worthy of an edgy cable TV show on HBO.

I’m not sure whether he genuinely thought it was a rude question or was merely shocked that it came from a female. Or both.

But CD Projekt Red had boasted about adding four extra hours of gameplay content and 33 minutes worth of new cutscenes in the upcoming Xbox 360 release of the popular RPG. It seemed like a logical enquiry.

Luckily, I managed to extract the answer out of him.

“Yes,” Tomaszkiewicz replied, “There is one more sex scene in there”.

Yes folks, you heard it right and you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Of course, the upcoming Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 isn’t all about Geralt of Rivia getting more action. CD Projekt Red has invested a lot into the Assassins of Kings to woo console gamers for the very first time but it has no intention of abandoning its loyal PC fan base.

Existing owners of The Witcher 2 on PC will get all the additional content for free.

FREE!!! (Proceeds to do the happy dance)

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360 will be released on April 17.


  • I love CD Projekt, they are my favourite and ill continue buying all their products. They patch, they give us free content.

    If they brought in a ‘Pay What you think the DLC is worth’ scheme, I’d happily pay em 40 bucks purely because of how they treat their customers with the content. ILY CD Projekt, let me donate D:

  • I get that it was sexist, but I was a fan of the sex cards from the first game. My room mate and I joked that we should have them every day life so people can remember who they slept with.

    • How is having a sex scene sexist?

      Does that mean I’m being sexist every time I have sex (’cause even if nobody’s watching it’s still a scene!)

      I’d think having well-executed sex scenes in a game would attract more female players. They attract this one, anyway. 😉

      • Not sex scenes, sex cards. You basically got a sleezy momento of the women you scored. Clearly degrading to the women involved.

        • I’ll let guys have a sex-card of me….but only if they were good at sex. Sadly this discounts many of the men I have slept with…

  • You know I never got why all these women are throwing themselves at Geralt in these games. I mean yeah he’s a badass but he’s not exactly the best looking guy out there. His face looks like a botched plastic surgery job or like someone decided to join Michael Jackson and a cats face together. I know looks aren’t everything but when the whole relationship is just about sex they’ve got to count for a fair bit.

    On a completely different topic what’s the combat system going to be like in the 360 version of The Witcher 2? I’ve got The Witcher on PC but I found the combat really unfun and couldn’t really get into the game because of that. Is this going to use a similar combat system or has it been improved/changed for the 360 controller?

    • Apparently it’s really smooth and has an auto-targeting system. When selecting items or spells the game will pause (an option I think was on the PC).

    • It makes a little more sense in the book – except for the scarring on his face he’s exceptionally fit. He’s very smart. Perhaps most importantly of all though, he’s sterile and immune disease basically making him the only person you can sleep with risk-free.

    • Gotta disagree with you there, Geralt is quite the hotness. I’d totally hit it.

      And Chuloopa, women don’t actually like Ron Jeremy, they’re being paid to have sex with him. He was only ever cast so as not to threaten the straight males watching porn, a trend which is fortunately changing with the new breed of guys like James Deen and Keni Styles. Sorry for going way off topic, but just sayin’. :p

    • To many ladies (and other folks) he IS attractive. He must just not be your type; because he’s certainly an ideal looking guy for me! Scars, hair, ragged hands and all. His personality (depending on how you play him, or if you follow his attitude from the books) is also rad and sexy 😀

  • Witchers are sterile, thus no babies to had. also the game didnt pause when you selected different signs and traps, but it did slow down a fare amount, but you could still get hit if you were right next to a mob as they swung their sword.

  • As much as I want this on Day 1, should I wait and order it from overseas? Didn’t Australia get a censored version?

    • You are correct in that, and that may very will be the case again. I got the PC version, pre-ordered as soon as it was available and got censored =/

      The censored however is 1 scene change and I’m pretty sure you (Geralt) is forced into decisions ie If there’s a reward of Sex, I’m pretty sure you won’t get it. I haven’t played my PC version yet so I’m not 100% sure. Was waiting for an uncensored crack / a new vid card when I could be bothered.

      • Edit: I actually think it’s if their is a choice of sex as a reward, you automatically get it. Removing the choice from obtainable items.

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