CouchWarriors Brings Us A Fighting Festival

CouchWarriors, the long-standing fighting games event, is punching its way into the new year with a special series of monthly events: CouchWarriors Fighting Festivals, the first of which kicks off on March 31.

Based in Melbourne, CouchWarriors is one of the most well-known regular fighting game events held for both pros and amateur fighting game players. The monthly fighting festival, which commences March 31, is a series of tournaments where players can battle others in the community at a site with lounges, food, drinks, and games.

Whether you're a fighting game pro or just wish to come along to socialise, everyone is welcome.

WHAT? CouchWarriors' Fighters' Festival WHEN? MARCH 31 from 12pm-12am (tournament finishes at 9pm) WHERE? Solei Bar and Lounge, 694 Mt Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds, VIC COST? $10 for entry and tournament WEBSITE? They have a Facebook page


    Looks like fun, I'm going along to check it out. Hopefully it's free of the sexist crap that has recently gone on at US events.

      I can assure you the Melbourne FGC is nothing like that. We pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome, male, female, alien, doesn't matter. Don't believe me?.. Come down and check it out for yourself. =]

        Fantastic to hear that from the organisers :)

    Completely free of any sort of harassment, I've been attending CouchWarriors events for sometime now and it's nothing more than a huge friendly and welcoming group.

    Will be there for sure! A ton of great games will be played.

    Thanks for Melbourne fighting game community love Kotaku! Will be there for sure.

    And guys, don't forget to get some last minute high level practice at this weekends Shadowloo Night Live at the M9 bar this Sunday from 11am onwards! :D

    More info will be up soon on

    Indeed, the Melbourne FGC is a very welcoming group no matter your gender/ethnicity/sexuality, hell we even accepted EXC355UM and he's part-sasquatch.

      Bro, your monitor and xbox you left with me.... I sold them.

    I'll 100% be attending this one. Must. Win. Soul Calibur.

    I used to attend couch warriors for smash bros tournaments. Good times.

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