Watch The Best Fighting Game Matches From Battle Arena Melbourne

The best fighting game players in Victoria descended on Battle Arena Melbourne last weekend, along with a few overseas fighter celebrities, to decide who was the best in their chosen game on the day.

I had no idea Super Smash Bros was this huge.

People had told me it was gaining popularity in the competitive scene, but the two most popular competitions at BAM were Super Smash Bros Melee with 250 entrants, and Smash 4 WiiU with 128. By comparison, Street Fighter 4 and the recently released Mortal Kombat X, by all accounts a great game, had close to 70. That blows my mind.

BAM had a number of international competitors in the Smash series, such as Mango, Leffen, Lucky, Wife, Hugs, S2J, ChillinDude, and Alex19one. Mango took out the Melee competition.

Taking out the latest version of Smash on WiiU was Venus “Villyness” Liao (pictured top), 16 years of age. She took home $1,300 and other prizes. A minor with a not-so-minor victory.

Fighting game jack-of-all-trades Perfect Legend (above) was visiting from the US to win the MKX and Dead or Alive 5 competitions, though Sam “Baxter” Baxter did well enough in the tournament to be sent over to Thailand to compete in the MKX Asia Championships. Baxter took one round from Perfect Legend, and pulled off a few really nice air kick combos:

If you have enviable amounts of time, you can check out the entire stream on Melbourne Melee, or on New Game Plus. Daniel “Berserk” Chlebowczyk, President of CouchWarriors, has provided a few helpful timecodes for the latter version:

9 min: Perfect Legend (USA) vs Ebabil (VIC) Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round final

3hrs 22: Middle of Smash 4 finals with Atyeo (ACT) and Villyness (VIC)

5hrs 25: Perfect Legend (USA) vs X5_Baxter (QLD) Mortal Kombat X final

7hrs 55: Somniac (VIC) eliminates Perfect Legend (USA) from Ultra SF4

There was some decent cosplay at the event as well, which you can catch here.

Well done to the winners!

Photos: CouchWarriors / Duong Thieu Nguyen

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