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GameCube-Only Controller Rule In Smash Melee Competition Raises Eyebrows

Five prominent Super Smash Brothers: Melee tournament organisers and players have formed a competition committee and released a recommended ruleset for tournament play, including a lengthy section imposing a “tentative ban” on the use of non-Gamecube controllers. The ruleset writers explained that the 16-year-old classic Gamecube controller is “somewhat intrinsic…

Wild Melee Match Decided By 1/60 Of A Second

Two giants of Melee met in the loser’s finals at today’s CEO Dreamland, and the match came down to the wire. Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman and Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma were tied at 2-2, each with only a single life left, vying for a spot in the grand finals when a single…

Guy Performs Free Jazz To Competitive Smash Bros.

Video: Here’s Caleb, doing a stunning drum performance. And it’s not just random drumming. All the different hits are in sync with all the Smash Bros. moves. You can hear light cymbal hits for Fox’s short hop lasers, for example.