Great Moments In Gaming Humour, Liquidious Fleshbag

The companion characters in Mass Effect are living, breathing, loving characters with unique personalities and motivations. They are also pretty boring. They could learn a lot from HK-47, the assassin droid from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

"Correction: Assassination is my primary function. I also possess excellent hearing and can bend spoons."

The Star Wars saga proper isn't exactly known for its wit and humour, at least it wasn't until 2003, when BioWare introduced Darth Revan's droid Friday to players of Knights of the Old Republic. Against a backdrop of cookie-cutter Star Wars archetypes, HK's dark humour and general disdain for all living things brightened the day of many a gamer, even if he persisted in calling them meatbags.

"Observation: I am a droid, master, with programming. Even if I did not enjoy killing, I would have no choice. Thankfully, I enjoy it very much."

This murderous machine, voiced expertly by Kristoffer Tabori, became an overnight sensation amongst Star Wars fans, which lead to roles in Star Wars: The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Sony Online Entertainment's massively multiplayer Star Wars Galaxies, and most recently BioWare's own Star Wars: The Old Republic. He's even got his own action figure.

"Clarification: When I said 'death' before 'dishonor', I meant alphabetically."

I'd go as far as saying that HK-47 is one of the most important video game characters of all time, a completely original creation that managed to transcend the source material, changing the way fans perceived the Star Wars franchise.

"Observation: I am awesome."

That too.


    And it all probably started from someone at the Bioware offices saying "What aboot if C3PO was a asshole, eh?"

      Surely it was actually something along the lines of "what if C3PO was Bender".

    Hahaha I remember this character, gold!

    HK-47 is still one of the best.

    Agree. I kept him in my team for the whole game purely because he was entertaining as. His dialougue in conversations was awesome!

      Yep im with you Alex i love that guy :D

    its not like Mass Effect is bereft of funny: Mordin Solus' singing. The reappearance of Jack in ME3. The humorous interactions between Shepard's fist & Kalisah Bint Sinan Al-Jilani...

      If you're going to provide examples, you need more than names...

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