Jet Set Radio HD's First Trailer Destroys A Cartoon Tokyo

Since Sega officially announced its long-awaited Jet Set Radio re-release sans trailer, here's your first look at the Dreamcast classic back in action.

Good Lord. The colours. The graf. The music. It's all flooding back. It's like all the best parts of the year 2000 rose from the grave, not to feast on my flesh, but the contents of my wallet.


    This just made my day. Here's hoping we get the sequel as well.

    I can see this being a huge title for LIVE/PSN. Sega could distribute brand new levels online easily, keep the game going online for ages... bring on the sequel!!!

    Can't wait to try this out. I remember playing Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox and I'm keen to see what the original game was like.

    I bet you they butcher the port, just like the DC collection on 360. Why cant they leave these classics alone, its an absolute tragedy to see them dragged through the mud and rushed out, gimped at best!! Do yourself a favour and track down a copy of the Dreamcast original, its not that expensive and 100% authentic.

      Just be patient and hope for the best.

        I remain cautiously optimistic. I really hope it does well enough for Sega to consider a new game in the series.

          What was wrong with the 360 collection? They seemed like decent adaptations to me (though granted the only game I have from it on my actual DC is Crazy Taxi and I get why they had to change the music. I didn't LIKE the new music, but I understand why it happened).

          Considering I own the original version (probably my favourite DC game), I have to say this port looks pretty good. It's Jet SET Radio instead of Grind, and it looks like they tossed in the two extra levels from the PAL version

    I would love to see this on the Vita!

    Glad to see the PC tag at the end :) Cant wait


    I don't want to jinx this or anything, but since this is a remake, will it have to get re-classified?

    If so, isn't there a chance it'll get... RC'd?

    Oh dammit! This has been on my proverbial "To Play" bucket list for some time now. Let's hope our stupid OFLC ladies and germs don't have their brains switched with their rectums when reviewing this...

      I wouldn't think it a problem. It's been released here once already (plus a sequel), I can't see there being an issue. But who knows with those crazy folks at the ACB.

        it has graffiti it will be rc'd mark ecko was

          But it had graffiti in it when it was released 12 years ago. I've never played Marc Ecko's Getting Up (because it was banned), but maybe the ACB thinks the art style lessens the impact or the context of the use of graffiti is different. I guess time will tell, but I'd be very surprised if this got RC'd

    What is the song used for the trailer?

      the song is "viva la revolution" from the JSR soundtrack. the sound track for this game is absolutely amazing

    How much i loved this game :)

    Was my fist game on Xbox with SEGA rally i think in a bundle :)

      No it was this and Sega GT 2000 (Sega's attempt at Gran Turismo).
      Also my first Zbox games along with Halo 1 (was a MS bundle)

    I would pay good money for a HD re-release of JSRF and I would pay great money for a sequal, god I hope the soundtrack is the same as the original, Is this game better than JSRF? the nostalgia I have for JSRF will probably make me not enjoy this game as much.

      I'm in the same boat with the nostalgia for JSRF. I've heard the original is better, but I don't understsnd how it can be, JSRF was pure awesome. I haven't played it in about 8 years though, so I may be looking at it through rose-tinted glasses.

        I found it much better because instead of just tapping one button over and over again to graf you would have to do several different directional motions on the analog stick. Watch video to see what i mean..

          You have convinced me, Sir. Now to play the impatiently waiting game. :)

      I didn't really enjoy JSRF that much after playing the original. Too dumbed down. If I knew the series was going extinct though, I probably would have made myself enjoy it more.

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