Lady Version Of World of Warcraft’s New Panda Race Is Kind of Ridiculous

Last October, Blizzard announced its newest World of Warcraft expansion, The Mists of Pandaria. One of the major selling points for the expansion is a new player character race: panda-bear people called Pandaren.

And yet in the five months until now, all screenshots and trailers featuring the Pandaren have shown exclusively male characters. Today, Blizzard made a point of publicly revealing the female version of the playable panda.

While the lady panda still has many bear-like attributes, she is, very clearly and most importantly, defined as a visible she, with styled hair and an hourglass figure. Her male counterpart has an overall much more spherical, bear-like shape.

No official release date has yet been provided for The Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Female Pandaren Revealed [World of Warcraft]


    Trying to tap that Second Life market eh Blizzard? ;)

    Why is this ridiculous? Shes'' visually distinctive of being female. Shes not a stick figure like the female worgen is. I think this finds a good balance between "fat panda" and "femanine".

      I think the problem is the Panda not the female....

        people REALLY need to get over the whole "oh no! pandas!" thing, the models look good and the expansion sounds pretty interesting, Just be glad we didn't get sparkle vampires

        But they're not pandas, in the same way tauren are not cows, and worgen are not wolves/werewolves They're humanoid cross overs with those creatures. I'm not defending whether or not Blizz is creatively barren blah blah, honestly I don't think much of them anymore.
        But saying 'The things that aren't supposed to be pandas don't look exactly like pandas' as though it's come kind of critique... 0_o

      I don't think it's ridiculous either. I'll tell you what's ridiculous. WoW's humans. They look so cartoony and nothing like real humans at all. And those orcs? Wtf are they supposed to be?

    Wasn't there the same sort of complaints about the Worgen female too?

    female dwarf with panda head. laaaaaaazy work blizz..very lazy....and when do we get and total free-play version (flame wars in 3..2..1)

      Free to play is for games that can't hold their player base. Even tho they have lost a lot of subs, they still have plenty of dedicated players. Also lets see your design for a female humanoid panda. What? you don't have one?

        yes i do...

          but i can't show you it cos your girlfriend will leave you, oh don't have one?

            nope no gf so wheres the art then?

              right here



                Yeah, you know I've been dead for years, right?

                  "why are these hairs bigger than me?"

    I think WoW is on it's way out imo. Instead of the whole Deathwing thing, they should have had Sargeras return and ended it there.

    Bloody ewoks are getting everywhere these days!

    Oh well, at least Blizzard is catering to the furry market.

    Kate's article is Kind Of Ridiculous too. I must enjoy ridiculosity 'cause here I am.
    It reminded me of a female dorf with a panda face too. Lazy stuff, for sure.. but did you see the cinematic for the DW kill? Blizz has been on an epic lazy streak for a while now.

    ...How else would they do it? Ignoring the WONDERFUL arguments about including the Pandaren, what should they look like? Blizzard is doing what they do, and when it comes to player races, that means dimorphism. Would you rather no difference between male and female? Would you like big, fluffy men and skinny, supermodel women with panda ears? They look fine. At the end of the day, you don't have to play one.

    The problem they have is the (in my opinion) ridiculous idea of using the pandaren as a race in the first place. For a once-off character, fine. It's amusing. The animal that the pandaren is based on, the panda, displays almost no sexual dimorphism, not even a difference in size. This is, I guess, Blizzard's best attempt, but I think it's a bad one. They could just as easily had a single base model, and just used accessories as a means to express masculinity or femininity (if they really needed to even do that). And I agree, this is just a female dwarf body with a panda head on top, it really is!

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