Leaked Price List Shows Dick Smith Might Be Having A Ridiculous Sale [UPDATE]

Three price lists that supposedly belong to Dick Smith have been leaked, suggesting that the Aussie retailer is planning a sale bigger than anything we've seen recently.

The documents were leaked sometime today, and while they have not been confirmed as official Dick Smith price lists, Kotaku was able to match the codes of the products to their Dick Smith listing.

Among the items on sale include PSPs ($40), Xbox 360s ($100), Nintendi DSis (starting from $20), Super Smash Bro. Brawl ($15), Assassin's Creed 2 for 360 ($5), Bulletstorm ($5), Lego Harry Potter ($5), and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on PSP ($1).

The sale supposedly runs from April 2-11.

The documents can be viewed here: document 1 / document 2 / document 3

The sale has not been confirmed, nor can we be certain that the price lists are real, but given that the product codes match up to Dick Smith's, if someone wanted to fake this then they sure did put in a whole lot of effort.

We have contacted Dick Smith for confirmation and are currently waiting for their response.

[UPDATE: Kotaku friend VOOKS has confirmed through his sources at Dick Smith that the retailer plans to stop selling games, so the sale is an attempt to get rid of unwanted stock.]

[UPDATE 2: A number of readers who work at Dick Smith have said that the sale begins April 12]



    I hope this is legit, my old style Xbox won't read disks any more so a new one for $100 sounds good.

    Also, at $20 I could have a Nintendo DSi in every room.

      I too have this problem with my 360. Looks like it'll be a foot-race.

    I'll take a DSi and HeartGold me thinks.

    $30? bargain.

    $40 PSP, $100 Xbox . April fools joke surely

    No, Dick Smith is leaking?



    ... I'm sorry.

    Brb, finding some Kleenex.

    Confirmed by DSE over on OzBargain

    dicksmith 2 min ago new
    This is real! Our massive $7 million Gaming Clearance will commence April 2nd, and you don’t want to miss it.


    I think EcoGamer reported that the sale starts ont he 2nd and is advertised on the 11th, not that it ends on the 11th.
    I think it's so stores have time to change their in-store pricings.

    I don't see any Sony PS3 controllers in those lists, dang it.

    That list is dangerous. They have 360 Play & Charge kits for cheaper than a large pack of AA Batteries

    Some of that seems a tad off, there's a "Wii Console - Black - $188" and a "Wii Console - Black + Wii Fit - $129". I mean, I know Wii Fit is kinda crap and all but is it really so crap it can knock $60 off? I'd be surprised. Hopefully I'm wrong tho because I want to buy about 10 of those $10 3000 MS point cards, 30,000 points for $100? Give it now!

      Stock will be extremely limited of this one, expect T2 ex display and repaired stock.

    Guys, check this. Looks like it's happening for real.


    This is horrible! The 2nd of April is when I start my job... so I'll miss this. :( Will it continue until late night shopping? But by then all the bargains I want will be gone.

    FINALLY I can buy myself a replacement copy of Smash Bros! :D

    If this is real then come monday all my birthday cash will be going towards copius amounts of crap I don't need but want because it's so cheap. :)

    Hey guys! This is Dick here and i would like to confirm that these are all entirely legitimate! As it is against Australian consumer law to advertise these products at such low prices due to the high demand and our limited supply we will NOT be advertising the products at this price, however, they will have price tags to this affect starting on Monday!

      For not advertising this you sure are advertising this a lot but I will still be there at 9am monday

      You know i'd believe this more so if Dick Smith HADN'T sold the DSE enterprise to Woolworths..

      So yes. Nice troll, but not convincing for those who know Dick Smith has nothing to do with the DSE name anymore.

    According to the ozbargain comments they aren't getting out of the gaming market just offloading aging stock. I kinda wish they were though so I could score a cheap Vita.

    my second xbox just died so with any luck i can get a replacement for cheap

    Guys don't get too excited by this. For example the 360 Points. It's only specific product codes (As shown on the documents) that are in the sale and not ALL of them.

    Therefore most stores aren't going to have the points or even half the items in the list. To avoid disappointment I recommend you use the 4 digit code next to an item you want and enter it into the DSE website. You will then be avble to check store stock levels near you.

    Does any one know if it will be possible to order these at your local store ?

    sale has being cancelled. everyone go home.

    April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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