Let Taiwan Show You What It's Got

Taiwanese cosplay photographer Znmoon has a fantastic website filled with wall-to-wall cosplay pics.

There's months and months of content to be had here, with photos from a variety of anime, manga and game events.

Lovely pics, lovely costumes.

2號流動攤販 [znmoon 的相簿]


    Takakazu Abe!!? Sparkle pants lady is the super hot....

    3rd last pic, since when did Kipi travel to TW?....

      Kipi does a lot of work cosplaying professionally for the likes of Sega and others I'm sure. I've seen her pop up in China and TW among others. I was going through a (online) photo album of a friend who went to a Chinese event and was surprised to see her there... he didn't even recognise her when he took the photo >:(

    "Let Taiwan Show You What It’s (sic) Got"

    Seriously, fucking hell Bashcraft. You guys should hire a spellchecker/editor.

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