Mass Effect's Epilogue Reveals Forbidden Love, Softball Scholarships

SPOILERS AHEAD. Since Mass Effect 3's ending doesn't really do the greatest job of telling you what happens next, fans are filling in the gaps. Some are doing the wrong thing and being totally serious about it.

Others are giving the game an Animal House-style, '80s comedy epilogue. Which, now that it's here, I'm just going to treat as canon.


    Thinking about it an epilogue would not have made any sense...or made less sense... Every thing changed at the end. Nothing would be in context.

    That was just epic, please mod pc version with it

    That is just... amazing.
    The music, the writing... it's just perfect.

    Dafuq, Vega was one of my bros, why drag him down like that?
    Anyway, even is they had something like this, I would of been ok with it.

    5 comments at the time of posting this, and not one complaining about the ending. I am shocked I say, shocked.

      oh and the ending was crap, forgot to mention that

    This is a much better ending!!!!!

    That vega ruined mass effect with his shoddy writing

    All of the yank and Canadian players really like vega, and thought the voice actor was hilarious and served as the "new guy" to feed obvious recap dialogue to. (vega, this is liara, and she is a supafreak that gives great sideboob).

    Also, we all liked him because we're not racist. That's why you people are villains in me3.

    Ahahaha, ah wow that was really good!
    It's also nice to know what the origin for those endings is.

    I loved the ending, but I laughed so hard at this video.

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