Metal Gear Solid Creator: 'I Will Make Games Until The Day I Die'

Hideo Kojima turns 50 this year — an age where most people begin to plan their retirement. But retiring to a life of golf and orthopaedic jogging shoes is the last thing on the Metal Gear Solid creator's mind. He recently pledged that he "will make games until the day I die."

The Metal Gear Solid series recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, so Eurogamer asked Kojima whether he will still be making Metal Gear Solid games in 25 years' time.

"Honestly, I really don't know in 25 years from now if I'll still be making Metal Gear, or even if Konami will still be around - I really can't say," Kojima said.

"But I can say that if I'm not dead by that time I will still be making games in some form. I don't have any intention of retiring — until the day I die I will be making games.

"Maybe by that time technology will be so advanced that I can make a game all by myself by using a bunch of robots," he said.

"Who knows?"



    You badass, Hideo.

    "until the day I die I will be making games"

    And we'll still be watching MGS5 cut scenes.


      Yes he does. Rising looks shit. Kojima should have saved that one. I'd rather he be forced to make Metal Gear forever than let someone else have control of the series.

    He looks younger than 50.

    He didn't say a definitive NO to 30-40 more years of Metal Gear... interesting...?

    i just replayed 'the end' from mgs3 tonight coincidentally.
    please keep making metal gear. i don't care. i want more.

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