Pre-Order Your Portal Gun. Right Now!

Pre-Order Your Portal Gun. Right Now!

Fears of that Portal Gun replica gun being on infinite hold are hopefully vanished to infinity! Starting today, collectible toy maker NECA is kicking off pre-orders for its replica Aperture Science Handheld Portable Device.

So far, the following retailers have “approved allotments” that they will receive at the end of next month: Rockin Robot, Think Geek, Corner Store Comics, and Toynk. In the UK, it’s available through

The 1:1 scale Portal gun is limited to 5,000 pieces and priced at US$139.99.

At the time of writing, pre-orders were already closed at Rockin Robot and Think Geek. Corner Store Comics, Toynk, and still seemed to have units available for pre-order — though, expect that to change quickly.

According to NECA, a few other sites will carry the gun. Those will be announced within the next week. Moreover, a select number of brick and mortar retailers will carry the replica once it goes on sale.

NECA is asking customers to notify it directly if the Aperture Science Handheld Portable Device is either “scalped” or “bundled” with other items. More in the link below.

Approved Pre-Orders for Portal Replica Device Start Today [NECA]


    • I too ordered one through GameTraders as they told me they were the only ones in Australia getting any in stock. They assured me that I will still be getting one when they are delivered in the next few months. I guess we will see.

    • Yeah, I need details too

      Say I want to use one to rob banks, how easy will it be to hide under my clothes until I make my dramatic escape??

      • That would be way to noticable since you have to place the portal prior to the robbery you need a place where noone would think to look for example like on video game store shelf that would normally stock U-Draws or milk stock at any non Coles or Woolworths store.

    • Yeah Kotaku either gets it’s news late or Australia gets screwed by every gaming related franchise on the planet.

    • I dont think it would matter too much, i mean. its a plastic uhh… Gun? Its not gun shaped. It’s basically a large action figure accessory for all intents and purposes.
      The other option is to use its portal creating action to get it in the country. 🙂

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