Remember This?

Tracey's been doing Remember This, so I feel out of the loop. How's it all been going, and can you guess this games from a single screenshot? Are you all that awesome?


    Primal Fury?

    Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit! XD

    ocarina of time,
    majoras mask
    ocarina of time 3d.

    Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure?

      My first thought too. I guess not. You win Mark!

    Malcolm's Revenge

    Simon the Sorcerer

    Jurassic Park on Snes?

    MARK---- what was the answer for Tuesday ---PLEASE? :-)

      Hahaha! Sorry. Should have updated.

      It was Super Punch Out!!

        A winner is you! I don't think anyone guessed it. Thx for reply.

    age of empires

    Kings quest 7

    Hm. Bubsy?


    Hey Mark can you IP ban anyone who says "the dig". it was funny the first 100 times but now its just lame.

      No. Just no. That's ridiculous. They're not hurting anyone or being offensive let them have their fun.

      I'd like to see how you manage with the 'quality' responses to any article from Luke or Brian ;)

      At least the dig reference is about having a bit of fun.

        Yes but its about as over used as "arrow to the knee". If it was used sparing manner every once in a while by Shane it would be funny. But now eh over used. Plus i want the dig to be actually on the table when they choose what to put up because ATM they can't use it otherwise someone guesses it accidentally like Tracey did.

          ...and that was unforgettable comedy gold, so Long Live Le Dig!

            Oh if there was a top 5 moments of kotaku, that would hit #1. That was some funny shit right there.

      Banning IP's wont fix anything, why dont we... Dig... deeper into the issue to find the real cause?

      If you don't like it don't read it


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