Shepard Makes A Last Stand Against The Infamous Mass Effect 3 Reporter [Minor Spoilers]

If you've played any of BioWare's Mass Effect titles, you might have come across Kalisah Bint Sinan Al-Jilani, a reporter that you meet on the Citadel. She's abrasive, though masked by her cool and collected reporter skills. Of course, Shepard has his/her own way of dealing with the conflict.

Kirk was hoping that the reporter would finally get her vengeance against Shepard in the final title of the sci-fi trilogy. Check the video above if you're just as curious, but be warned of potential reporter-punching spoilers.

For all her threats, though, Al-Jilani really does not have as much pull as she likes to say she does. We're the universe's savior after all. Doesn't get much more powerful than that.


    That last one should see half the fleet desert.

    Goddamn those animations are hideous, as are the bland, lifeless faces. How can they have gone backwards since 2?

    these characters faces have only slightly more emotion than any of Bethesda's characters.

    I was so glad to see this in the game, I saved as soon as I saw her and played thru all outcomes.
    The one where she ducks shepards punch and then drops him, lol I loved it.

    Im so glad I reacted to the quicktime event, that punch wouldve humiliated my shepard ><

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